We're Moving! (This Blog)

This blog will be moving to a new platform on April 17th.  There may be a short period of time during the migration when the blog content is not available, but we'll be back up soon.  The new blog platform provides a more contemporary user experience, and it's responsive, so you will be able to read and interact with it easily on different form factors.   All the existing posts will be migrated and will be available on the new platform. You'll be able to find the blog in the...

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Come See Us at the Collaborate Conference

The Collaborate conference, hosted by a consortium of Oracle user groups (Quest, IOUG and OAUG), is being held April 2-6 in Las Vegas, NV.  This conference covers a broad spectrum of Oracle applications and technology, and PeopleSoft is well represented.  Quest has a web page focused on PeopleSoft at Collaborate that you will find useful.  It will help in planning for your PeopleSoft-related activities.  It highlights keynotes, important sessions and topics,...

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Spotlight Series Video on Elasticsearch and PeopleSoft

We've just posted a new Spotlight Series video on using Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft.  This video is the first in a series, and covers the following topics: What is Elasticsearch and why did PeopleSoft move to it for our search engine? What releases of PeopleTools and PeopleSoft applications are needed to deploy Elasticsearch? How do customers obtain it?  Are there any licensing implications? What are the advantages of Elasticsearch? I addition to these points, the main purpose...

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PeopleTools Idea Pages

We're doing a lot to enhance PeopleTools, and we have many avenues for gathering requirements: focus groups, conferences, research, advisory boards, and so on.  One area that we would like to promote particularly is the PeopleSoft Idea pages.  There is an idea page for PeopleTools specifically.  We are monitoring these pages regularly, so if you have suggestions for enhancements regardless of size or complexity, please feel free to submit them here.  This is your chance to...

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Interaction Hub Image 3 Now Available

The latest image (Image 3) of the Interaction Hub is now available on My Oracle Support--PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page.  To get the image, go to the PeopleSoft Update Images tab, then choose the Interaction Hub Update Images page. This image contains a couple of beneficial features: Uptake of Elasticsearch    Elasticsearch is the new search engine used with PeopleSoft.  It provides many benefits over previous implementations of search technology.  When Search is used with...

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PeopleSoft at Collaborate 2017

We have a nice slate of sessions planned for the Collaborate conference, which takes place from April 2nd-6th in Las Vegas.  This valuable conference is hosted by Quest, the Oracle user group.  Quest has posted a  PeopleSoft page for the conference, so if you are focused on PeopleSoft, this makes it easier to review the content and choose your agenda. Registration is open now, and you can save by registering before February 16th. The PeopleTools team will provide several...

Thursday, January 12, 2017 | Applications | Read More

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