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Will Virtual User Conferences Become the New Normal in 2020?

June Yee
Product Strategy Manager

With the concern for the health and well-being of the members of our Oracle/PeopleSoft communities, the organizers of HEUG Alliance 2020 and Collaborate 2020 have made the hard decision to cancel the scheduled in-person conferences. 

The creative alternative offered to all customers are a series of virtual conference sessions.  Attend virtually to learn all about our planned product content. 

We understand that attending in person would be ideal, but do consider the benefits of attending virtually:

  1. No travel, no commute - Attend the event virtually from your own home or office.  With the elimination of travel time, you gain more productivity time.
  2. More flexibility in your schedule - Switch between work demands and session attendance without leaving your home office.
  3. No packing decisions or lost luggage worries.
  4. Skip the rush to your next session – No need to walk from building to building to get to your next session.
  5. Adjust the room temperature to your personal comfort - You won’t need to deal with conference rooms that are either too hot or too cold!

Not surprisingly, I am certain you are completely aware of these benefits.  Nevertheless, one other major benefit is our sessions can be offered to a larger group, and reach individuals who could not attend before due to travel, budget or time constraints.

Here’s a glimpse of the virtual sessions for Alliance 2020 and Collaborate 2020.


PeopleSoft Alliance 2020, May 18 – 22

Below are the informative FSCM sessions you may be interested in attending:

Register now and start building your schedule for Alliance Virtual 2020.


Collaborate 2020, June 1 – 4

The event this year will be a Quest Digital Forum, which also offers virtual conferencing, in which Oracle/PeopleSoft week will present online, June 1 – 4, 2020.   

You will join the Oracle product team, users, and partners at digital roundtables and panel sessions.

Here are some of the sessions specific to the Oracle/PeopleSoft FSCM modules:

Register now and build your own session agenda for the Quest Digital Forum.