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The U.S. Veteran's Hiring Benchmark for 2021 is...

Julie Alonso
Product Management Director

Every organization wants better knowledge and insight into their workforce, PeopleSoft’s Workforce Insights Analytics can help you monitor and analyze your employee workforce. A popular analytic with customers is the Diversity Analysis Analytics which allows you to see how diverse your employee workforce is for gender, ethnicity, age, disability and veteran status.  The Workforce Insights Analytics allow you to be more proactive than reactive in your hiring trends.  An example is the Diversity Analytic can assist you with your yearly VETS4212 (Veterans) reporting. 

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires employers to take affirmative action to recruit, hire and promote U.S.A veterans, recently posted is the 2021 VEVRAA (Annual Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act) hiring benchmark for 2021 is 5.6% (effective March 31, 2021).

With VEVRAA’s VETS4212 submission deadline approaching September 2021- PeopleSoft’s Veteran Diversity Analytics can help in monitoring if you are reaching the 5.6% hiring goal of veterans in your workforce.

Want to know more about the delivered, click on the link to watch the video - HR Workforce Insight Analytics

Navigation - Workforce Administrator Dashboard > Diversity Analysis

Security Note – Need to have “HR Analytics Administrator” role assigned to your User Profile to see analytics

With the Diversity Analysis, you can see how many veterans vs. non-veterans are currently employed.

Navigation – Click on the Diversity Analysis Analytic.  Select Veteran Status from the prompt menu

With Alerts and Notifications (delivered in PeopleTools 8.57), you can be ‘alerted’ via worklist or email when your organization falls below the benchmark for hiring U.S.A Veterans.  In the example below, you can set your company hiring benchmark to be 6% and the red line will visual indicate how close you are to hitting that benchmark.

Navigation – Select Threshold Option, Threshold Type = 6%, Color = Red, Click Apply button.

The threshold alerts you when you fall below your targeting hiring benchmark hiring for U.S. Veterans.