Friday Nov 01, 2013

Miss Oracle Open World? View the PeopleSoft Roadmap Presentation Here

If you were unable to attend Oracle Open World in September, you missed out on some important PeopleSoft messages.   Don't despair!  You now have a chance to receive an update on PeopleSoft's presence at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 and the key messages delivered there.

You can view the “PeopleSoft Update and Roadmap” webcast found here on the Quest Users Group site.  (Note: this is available with a FREE subscriber account.  Anyone can sign up here at no cost.

This webcast recording presents the significant adoption and momentum behind PeopleSoft 9.2.  Viewers will also learn about the new release model for continuously delivering new capabilities to PeopleSoft customers at a lower cost enabled by the new PeopleSoft Update Manager.  There are also compelling live demonstrations of the major investment areas for PeopleSoft including a new PeopleSoft user experience enabling mobile solutions as well as In-Memory PeopleSoft applications.

You can view all presentations ns in the Oracle Open World 2013 Content Catalog.

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Continues to Deliver Value to Customers

I am very excited about what we have been delivering in PeopleSoft ELM over the past year and what is planned for the upcoming ELM 9.2 release and beyond. You might have seen the announcements regarding the PeopleSoft HCM Feature Pack 2 release that delivers a Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary, among other features. There are some ELM features that were delivered as part of the HCM Feature Pack.

  • A new ELM Application Search Learning Index was delivered so that users can search the learning catalog and view the results from ELM directly within HCM.
  • A ‘Team Learning’ Pagelet from ELM was delivered and allows Managers to view their Team Member’s learning within the Manager Dashboard.
  • An ‘Upcoming and Required Learning’ pagelet from ELM was delivered and can be included in the Talent Summary within HCM to view the Employee’s learning.

Both of the new Learning Pagelets were delivered on ELM and can be either viewed from within ELM itself or integrated into HCM and viewed from there. SCORM 2004 support was delivered for ELM 9.1 last July, 2011 and French Regulatory Enhancements were delivered in ELM 9.1 bundles 1 and 2.

ELM is part of Applications Unlimited and the PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery Model. An ELM 9.1 Revision with Upgrade Scripts that includes all of the new ELM 9.1 features delivered post-GA and bundles 1-8 will be delivered in the next few months and can be used by new and upgrading customers to quickly implement ELM 9.1 with the latest features.

Even with all of the development and new features we have delivered for ELM 9.1, what I am the most excited about is what we have coming in ELM 9.2 and beyond. Our ELM 9.2 roadmap includes:

  • A delivered, role-based learning homepage with many new pagelets for learners, managers, administrators, and instructors to access their key business processes directly from the home page.
  • Ratings and Reviews for learners to rate and review learning and allow others to use that input when making their own learning decisions.
  • Enhanced learning catalog search that allows learners to launch learning directly from the search results and uses the capabilities of Oracle’s Secure Enterprise Search to provide faceted searching for quick, easy filtering.
  • Learning Compliance and Survey Results pivot grids that utilize the new PeopleTools pivot grid feature to provide relevant analytics on the users homepage.

And there are even more new features that will be delivered in ELM 9.2 and beyond!

To read more about what we have coming, the ELM Roadmap and the ELM Statement of Direction is incorporated with the overall PeopleSoft documentation that is posted and available to our existing customers on My Oracle Support here.

Thursday Apr 21, 2011

PeopleSoft @ Collaborate 11: Moving Forward with Oracle

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