Friday Jun 17, 2016

Great content, venue and attendees at HIUG Interact 2016 conference

The Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) provided another successful conference this year by hosting Interact 2016.  This week’s conference was held at the beautiful JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio Texas.  There were over 600 attendees, of those 183 were attending for the very first time and 5 individuals traveled internationally just to attend this conference.  In total there were 183 sessions given along with 46 participating vendors where attendees could obtain additional information and knowledge. 

There were three very insightful keynotes given.  The first was April Hurless [HIUG Board Member: BI Pillar; AHS BI Architect - Adventist Health System] and Wendy Plante [Senior Director, Finance Enterprise Systems, Integrations & Transformations - NYU Langone Medical Center].  In this keynote April Hurless talked about changing your perception and accepting change.  She was very creative in her approach using a banana split analogy.  She brought back memories for several of us when talking about Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour and how they had the best banana splits and it was always the place you wanted to go (especially on your birthday).   The second half of the keynote was given by Wendy Plante [Senior Director, Finance Enterprise Systems, Integrations & Transformations - NYU Langone Medical Center].  Wendy used a clever approach to help us understand the value of using PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM).  She compared the game Tetris to the benefits of PUM.  It was very entertaining and informative session and she wrapped it up with the staggering statistics showing the 70% savings to her company just by embracing the PUM methodology.

The second keynote was all about the Affordable Care Act given by Joel Hinzman [Oracle Senior Director – Government Affairs] and Joel White [Executive Director - Health IT Now Coaltion].  The Affordable Care Act is a very hot topic, not only for the health care industry but all businesses alike.  This was a fascinating (yet a bit unsettling) inside Washington look at the Affordable Care Act and what future changes may be coming our way. 

The final keynote was given by Rod Johnson [GVP - North America ERP, EPM & SCM Apps Sales & Global Cloud - Oracle] and Marc Weintraub [Oracle – Senior Director for PeopleSoft].  Rod and Marc’s message was that regardless if you go to the HCM Cloud or stay on the PeopleSoft application, Oracle has your technology needs covered.  Some of the key takeaways from this session are:

  1. Oracle is totally committed to PeopleSoft, with support until AT LEAST 2027 and continued investment in new capabilities.
  2. While the macro trend shows movement towards cloud applications there are significant opportunities for PeopleSoft customers on their journey towards cloud applications.
  3. Customers can, and should, take advantage of today’s PeopleSoft offering, including:
    • PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is here to stay, this IS the user experience for PeopleSoft
    • Embedded, actionable analytics
    • Feature/function capabilities using WorkCenters and guided business processes leveraging Activity Guides
  4. Customers have a tremendous opportunity to change how they consume new PeopleSoft capabilities by executing on a PeopleSoft Selective Adoption strategy.
  5. Tremendous cost savings and business value of moving their PeopleSoft applications to the Oracle Cloud (IaaS and PaaS).

The Affordable Care Act took center stage as the number one topic for HCM at this year’s conference.  There were at least 5 sessions fully dedicated to this topic including one given by Kristen Emery [Oracle – Product Management Director].  The attendees in the ACA session represented PeopleSoft Release 9.2 and 9.1 customers using the delivered ACA functionality as well as customers using a third party software (many looking to switch over to the PeopleSoft ACA solution for the next reporting year).   These were all great collaborative sessions sharing success stories along with tips and tricks that can be utilized in the future.

The PeopleSoft team is always excited to show off our newly delivered and planned functionality.  Kristen Emery [Oracle – Product Management Director] and Jeremy Pelley [Oracle – Product Management Director] presented four PeopleSoft sessions between the two of them.  We reviewed how managers are in control of employee changes using Guided Self-Service.  We showed how Time and Labor Auto Enrollment will automatically enroll employees in T&L, assign a schedule, and assign user preferences for new hires and job changes.  We revealed that Payroll has delivered a new mobile paycheck that allows the employees to view the details at a glance with the ability to drill down to obtain more details. We also disclosed that the Recruiting Solutions product has a new improved attachment process.  We also reviewed functionality that crossed products such as the new Simplified Analytics which allows the user to create their own Analytic on-the-fly using Self Service.  This is just to name a few things that were covered.   Customers also got a live demo of functionality not yet released.

Kudos to the HIUG board for providing a great conference. Thank you to all our customers for the feedback you provided us during this week.    Your feedback is important to us to ensure that we build the best product possible. A special thanks to Texas Health Resources, University Health System San Antonio, University of Florida Health, Baylor Scott and White Health, Cape Cod Healthcare, and Main Line Health for sharing their lunch hour or other free time to meet with Oracle representatives.   Anyone interested in participating in a focus group please feel free to reach out to or

Follow the PeopleSoft HCM Product Management team on Twitter @PeopleSoftHCM



Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

PeopleSoft delivers new functionality to support the Affordable Care Act

PeopleSoft continuously provides our customers with new product enhancements and functionality.  Some of the most important functionality that we deliver is to support legislative requirements.  Staying in compliance is essential.  Often times there are huge penalties for non-compliance.  That makes the functionality we deliver even more important.  A recent legislative enhancement that PeopleSoft delivered was functionality to support the Employer Shared Responsibility required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   The brand new functionality was designed to support the requirements for the Applicable Large Employer (1094-C and 1095-C) reporting.  This new feature includes functionality in Human Resources, Time and Labor, eBenefits, Base Benefits and Benefits Administration.

The PeopleSoft ACA solution contains but is not limited to:

  • ACA Employee Eligibility Page to store ACA information at employee level. 
  • The ability to update the employees ACA Eligibility Status automatically at the time of hire.
  • Delivery of the ACA Eligibility Status as a benefit eligibility rule in the Benefits Administration product.
  • The ability to update employee information quickly and easily using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • PeopleSoft Time and Labor queries and analytic reports to help track employee’s hours. 
  • Provides the ability to extract the PeopleSoft data that is necessary for the 1094-C and 1095-C reporting.
  • The capability to load data from third party sources outside of PeopleSoft.
  • The ability to merge the PeopleSoft data with data from third party sources.
  • Online pages to view or manually override the data.
  • History of the changes for audit purposes.
  • The ability to process the 1095-C form both in preliminary and final mode.
  • Administrator view of the 1095-C form online.
  • Ability for the Employee to grant or withdraw consent to receive their Form 1095-C electronically using Employee Self Service.
  • The ability to print the 1095-C forms effortlessly using XMLP PDF process.
  • Provides functionality to create the IRS XML Form Data File and IRS Manifest File. 
  • Offers the Benefits Administrator tools/process to support their IRS AATS communication test.
  • Furnishes the Benefits Administrator with a reissue process for when employees receive the 1095-C form and a change needs to be made prior to submitting the files with the IRS.

PeopleSoft is currently working on the IRS correction/void/replacement process functionality. Additional functionality will be delivered as the legislative requirements are defined and as they evolve in the coming years.

The Affordable Care Act is a huge complex initiative. The required data is not always in one location.  That is why PeopleSoft has built this new feature to be not only flexible but functionally complete.  This allows customers to execute the required IRS reporting with ease.  Please see My Oracle Support Document ID 2013421.2 for more information.

Thursday Oct 01, 2015

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America WorkCenter makes payroll easy

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America is proud to deliver the new Payroll WorkCenter which is used for USA and Canadian payroll processing.  The WorkCenter combines alerts, notifications, worklists, payroll processes, queries and reports into a configurable framework that can be tailored to each role based user.  It provides a one-stop-shop that will increase users’ productivity by streamlining and simplifying their work and providing access to all their needed information in one place.  This allows the user to focus on the tasks that are needed to get the payroll out the door.

Included in the WorkCenter are delivered alerts for potential payroll issues.  We provide you with visibility of common exceptions such as inactive employees who have earnings in the paylines which can potentially be paid in error, or active employees with no payline but should be paid.  We allow you to define earnings and hours thresholds to catch keying errors before payroll goes out to the door and look for data issues that could cause calculation errors.  The Payroll WorkCenter also includes transactional analytics that provide insight into your payroll data to help you audit, identify anomalies and analyze the employee paycheck data.  The goal is to identify the issues up front to reduce the number of recalculations, voided checks or manual adjustments after the paycheck has been confirmed.

For more information please see the PeopleSoft Payroll WorkCenter Video Feature Overview.

Monday Jun 01, 2015

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM - Affordable Care Act

PeopleSoft is pleased to announce the new Affordable Care Act Information Center located out on My Oracle Support Document ID 2013421.2. The Affordable Care Act Information Center is a one-stop shop page to obtain the information on the Affordable Care documentation. This new page includes links the ACA Position Paper, delivered enhancements, corresponding documentation, FAQs, examples of use cases, ACA Component Interface setup instructions, and links to our upcoming and recorded webcasts.  Please check it out and give us your feedback on what you like, what you don't like and what additional information you would like to see.

Friday Nov 07, 2014

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image 9 is Now Available! - Simple and Intuitive User Interface on Multiple Devices

The PeopleSoft HCM team is proud to announce that Update Image 9 for PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 is now available!

This Update Image is the largest and most impactful PeopleSoft Update Image posted to date. This cumulative Update Image includes all new features and fixes from previous PeopleSoft HCM Update Images as well as a plethora of new items including multiple PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface enabled HCM transactions ready for any mobile device.

Optimized across multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops, the new PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI) provides an intuitive and responsive user interface that provides native-application interactivity across a range of mobile operating systems and devices. With more than 50 new features and functions, Fluid UI provides employees, managers and executives with a familiar native user experience that helps maximize productivity and effectiveness while eliminating the need for training.

It is our goal to provide you with new functionality that is intuitive and simple to use, increasing your productivity while lowering your total cost of ownership. You will see those goals realized with the new HCM homepages. This new functionality provides the user with an easy to use application that is configurable so you can determine what homepages and tiles you want to see based on your organizational needs. Some characteristics and functionality of delivered fluid homepages include:

  • PeopleSoft delivers two out-of-the box homepages (Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service) with the ability to create your own.
  • You can navigate from one homepage to the next by simply selecting the page you want or swiping to the left (on a tablet or phone).
  • Each homepage contains tiles. You have the ability to add, remove and control the placement of the tiles. You can also share tiles across multiple roles and landing pages. 
  • Users will be able to view key information at a glance that is dynamic and data displays on tiles.  The user can click or tap on tiles to access the associated content.

On the Employee Self Service homepage your employees will have easy access to your company directory with just a quick tap or click on a tile. Your employees will also be ability to view and update their personal or talent related information. They can enter time in Time and Labor or request time off in Absence Management. It provides the employee with easy access to other key information such as viewing their paycheck, benefits, performance documents, and their total rewards.  The learning tile is for those customers that use the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) application and it will provide announcements, a to-do list, and provide the employee with a listing of courses they are currently enrolled in.

Managers will also have easy access to the company directory from the Manager Self Service Landing Page. Managers will also be able to view and perform other tasks such as reviewing HR information, employee punched and elapsed time, absence requests, and is automatically notified when approvals are required. The manager will also be able to view other important information including team performance information and learning information such as overall enrollment and completion of learning courses. For those customers that use PeopleSoft Recruiting your current job openings and details is just a click or swipe away.

HR transactions are also now much easier with the new Guided Self Service. This configurable application allows organizations to create any number of “compound” transactions by combining multiple transactions into one easy to use guided process that walks the user through step by step, capturing the exact data needed to complete the transaction.

WorkCenters and Embedded Analytics are another great example of how users can be more efficient and productive. Payroll for North America delivered the Payroll for North America WorkCenter. This is a one stop shop for the Payroll Administrator to process payroll. The WorkCenter provides the administrator with alerts and analytics to help identify errors prior to a payroll going out the door.  

Update Image 9 also delivered new Analytics in other areas such as Time and Labor and Absence Management allowing you to get more insight, spot trends and issues, and have the opportunity to take action with ease.

Several other enhancements were included in Update Image 9 and we encourage you to take a look at the Update Image to see the new functionality/enhancements in PeopleSoft HCM!

For more information check out this press release, visit the new Cumulate Feature Overview page (now with PeopleSoft Update Image level detail), watch PeopleSoft Fluid UI videos on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel, and/or read the Update Image Overview document.

Monday Dec 16, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 American Payroll Association Award Winners

The PeopleSoft Payroll for North America team would like to congratulate Hackensack University Medical Center, Capital One, and Gap Inc. for winning the 2013 American Payroll Association Prism Award.  Each year the American Payroll Association honors organizations based on best practice achievements in Technology, Management, Processes, Performance Study, and Overall Best Practices.  We have always known that our customers are best in class and are delighted to see that three out of the five recipients use our software.  The accomplishments they achieved and the savings they obtained are truly outstanding.  It thrills us even more they were able to accomplish these goals by utilizing other PeopleSoft products/features such as Time and Labor and our Self Service applications.  Check out their accomplishments and learn how they did it on Page 19-22 of the American Payroll Association PAYTECH Magazine.

Friday Dec 06, 2013

Learn How You Can Import Your W-2 Data Into TurboTax

Where did the year go?  It is hard to believe year-end has arrived.  That means it is time to get the W-2’s out the door.  Payroll for North America is pleased to announce that Intuit, the creator of TurboTax Software, is now an Oracle partner.  TurboTax has created various options to import W-2 information from PeopleSoft Payroll for North America into TurboTax.  This enables your employees quickly and easily to import their W-2 data directly into their individual tax return.  This not only saves the employee time, but ensures the accuracy of the data by eliminating hand keying errors.  The goal is to increase employee satisfaction by making it easier for them.  If you want more information please contact Paul Jordan at Intuit.  He can be reached by email at or by phone (650) 944-5585.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

As December 31, 2012 quickly approaches, so does the deadline to extend the Bush Era Tax Cuts which were extended under the Budget Control Act of 2011.  PeopleSoft realizes that there may be some customer anxiety over the delayed withholding tables. PeopleSoft is unable to move forward with delivering the tax changes until we get the official ruling and withholding tables from the IRS.  Please be assured that our legislative analysts are in the loop and are monitoring this situation daily.  Any changes will be included in a special posting. We have created a Knowledge Document in My Oracle Support, Document ID 1332295.1 to keep you up to date on the pending changes.

Monday May 21, 2012

PeopleSoft Global Payroll integrates with PeopleSoft Cash Management for European Payments

PeopleSoft announces the much awaited union of two of its very popular products :

Financial Gateway


Global Payroll

To comply with the new Euro zone payments requirements and allow customers to leverage the value of a singular payments platform, PeopleSoft Global Payroll leverages the Financial Gateway, which is part of the Cash Management product within the PeopleSoft Financials suite.

The Financial Gateway is a robust and flexible payment hub that manages large volumes of payments, in several formats. One of the supported formats is the SEPA Credit Transfer. This solution will make SEPA implementation, compliance and maintenance easier over time, as more Euro zone payments will transition to SEPA rules in the future.

The SEPA (Single European Payment Area) project is an additional step in the construction of a unified European market, following the creation of the Euro Zone in 1999.The goal is to standardize the payment format used in cross border payments. This provides flexibility, security and reduced costs as well as enabling increased trade and investments in the SEPA area. The SEPA format was introduced in 2008 and will become mandatory for any Euro credit transfer from 2012 onwards. Direct Debit payment messages have also been introduced and will become mandatory in the coming years.

In order to reduce current and future SEPA changes impact on payroll processing, Oracle has fully leveraged the existing Financial Gateway capabilities to generate payment files and manage interactions with banks, while minimal changes have been implemented in the PeopleSoft Global Payroll product to prepare those payments.

The first SEPA update delivered by Oracle enables customers to manage:

  • Credit Transfers
  • in Euros
  • complying with general SEPA formatting and rules

The PeopleSoft Global Payroll product has been integrated with the Cash Management module from the PeopleSoft Financials Suite through PeopleTools Integration Broker 8.51.The PeopleSoft Global Payroll Core banking process prepares all the payment data, while the Financial Gateway feature from the Cash Management product will:

  • Format the payment data based on country Setup
  • Produce the SEPA payment file
  • Interact with the banks to provide for bi-directional, real time communication (send the payment file and receive the response from banks)
  • Send acknowledgements back to Global Payroll

It is critical to provide audit support in any payment process. To support that effort, the integration between Global Payroll and the Financial Gateway provides the following:

  • A delivered report can be run from PeopleSoft Global Payroll for data validation before publishing data to Financial Gateway.
  • Payment statuses and errors are sent back from Financial Gateway to PeopleSoft Global Payroll, and can be viewed through a new page in a Global Payroll component.

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

U.S. Savings Bonds - Payroll for North America

Did you know the U.S. Department of Treasury stopped issuing paper bonds through traditional payroll savings plans for Federal employees September 30, 2010 and non-Federal Employees effective December 31, 2010? Cost reduction drove these changes to the U.S. Savings Bond Program as well as the long term goal to issue all securities electronically. U.S. Treasury securities are a great way for your employees to invest and save for the future. With these new changes, it is easier than ever to offer this benefit to your employees using the Payroll for North America product. If you, as an employer, are offering this benefit to your employees, there are a few easy steps the employees would need to take:

  • Employees will need to open a TreasuryDirect account at where they will be provided a TreasuryDirect Account number. The Bank (ABA) Routing number will always be 051736158.
  • Employees will create Direct Deposit record in ePay (just as they would for any other banking/financial institution).
  • With these changes:
    • Employers are no longer the “administrators” of the Savings Bond Program.
    • Employers no longer need to hold or accumulate funds towards the purchase price of a security.
    • Employers do not have to request the issuance of securities or keep track of registrations.
    • Employers can offer a Savings Bond Program with minimal effort.

For more information on this process please see My Oracle Support Document ID 1127539.1.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

Oracle PeopleSoft Global Payroll - Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA)

The SEPA project is an additional step in the construction of a unified European market following the creation of the unique Euro currency on January 1, 1999 and the introduction of Euro coins and notes on January 1, 2002.

The SEPA is a unified payments area which has been created by the European Payments Council (EPC) upon request of the European Commission. The goal is to make cross-borders Euro payments as easy as domestic payments in terms of flexibility, security, and costs so that trade and investments in the SEPA area increase. The changes for bank to bank transfers began implementation in January 2008 and become mandatory for any Euro credit transfer beginning in 2012. The changes will be rolled out gradually for various payments methods until the end of the transition period.

To comply with the new SEPA requirements and maintain current processes until the end of the transition period, Oracle PeopleSoft leverages the existing Financial Gateway product in the PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials Suite.

To reduce current and future SEPA changes that might impact payroll processing, Oracle PeopleSoft fully leverages Financial Gateway’s existing capabilities to generate payment files and manage interactions with banks.

No existing country-specific payment processes and reports have been discontinued. With the delivered SEPA feature, customers have the choice to move to the new SEPA format and the new delivered XMLP reports to process and monitor their payroll payments, or to continue to use their current process and reports, moving to SEPA at a convenient time. For more information download PeopleSoft’s Position Statement for Global Payroll Single Euro Payment from My Oracle Support, Document  ID 1337662.1. For detailed information download our white paper, Document ID 1337679.1.

Tuesday Jul 05, 2011


The FUTA Surtax of 0.2% will expire on June 30, 2011 based on information provided in the IRS Publication 15 (Circular E) for 2011. Employers will see a lower Federal Unemployment tax rate in the second half of the year after the special surtax expires. The FUTA tax rate will remain at 6.2% through June 30, 2011. Effective July 1, 2011, the FUTA tax rate decreases to 6.0%. Due to the urgency of this change PeopleSoft Payroll for North America has created a special posting to comply with the IRS regulations. Please refer to My Oracle Support Document ID 133225.1 for specific information on this posting as it relates to your release.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Keeping up to date with PeopleSoft Global Payroll Australia legislation

The Temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction levy (flood levy) will now apply to individuals for the 2011-2012 year. Tax Laws Amendment Bill 2011 was tabled in parliament in February 2011 and received royal assent in April 2011. The tax tables, however, were released last week in May 2011. To find out  the details of what is changing in Global Payroll Australia as well as targeted delivery dates, please visit the Knowledge Center on

  • Click on the Knowledge tab.
  • Simply type in keywords ‘Global Payroll Australia Position’.

If further amendments are made, we will revise the document accordingly.

Let the Oracle/PeopleSoft team help reduce the stress and anxiety of these changing times by staying informed. PeopleSoft is working hard to get you the information you need. The information is just a few clicks away.

Keeping up to date with PeopleSoft Global Payroll Singapore legislative changes

Amendments to the Central Provident Fund contribution rates were announced in June 2011. The contribution rate changes will go into effect September 2011. To find out  the details of what is changing in Global Payroll Singapore as well as targeted delivery dates, please visit the Knowledge Center on

  • Click on the Knowledge tab.
  • Simply type in keywords ‘Global Payroll Singapore Position’.

If further amendments are made, we will revise the document accordingly. 

Let the Oracle/PeopleSoft team help reduce the stress and anxiety of these changing times by staying informed. PeopleSoft is working hard to get you the information you need. The information is just a few clicks away.

Monday Jun 06, 2011

Pennsylvania Act 32

Do you pay employees in Pennsylvania? If so, the Oracle/PeopleSoft Payroll for North America team would like to bring to your attention new legislation, called Pennsylvania Act 32 of 2008. Pennsylvania Act 32 provides for a restructuring of the local Earned Income Tax (EIT) collection system for Pennsylvania local governments and school districts, and was signed into law on July 2, 2008. Act 32 provides for one EIT tax collector for each county (with the exception of Allegheny County and Philadelphia). This change will reduce the number of local EIT collectors from 560 to 69. The law requires employers to withhold EIT from residents and non-residents to remit all withholdings within 30 days of the end of each quarter, or in some cases monthly. Businesses with multiple locations across the state will now be allowed to remit to the county where they are headquartered. 

This Act imposes new tasks and responsibilities on Pennsylvania employers for the calculation and withholding of Pennsylvania local earned income tax. For more detailed information on this law please go to the Pennsylvania website of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Statewide implementation of Act 32 begins with wages paid on or after January 1, 2012. However, three Pennsylvania counties have announced that they will require employers to begin complying with Act 32 requirements in 2011:

  • Chester County
  • Lebanon County
  • Wyoming County

In May 2011, PeopleSoft delivered product updates to assist employers in Chester, Lebanon and Wyoming counties. These changes are being posted in Tax Update 11-C. 

My Oracle Support Document ID 1087164.1 provides complete information on the product update information for the early adopter counties (Chester, Lebanon and Wyoming). We will be versioning this document to provide additional information for the remaining counties as the details become available. If this information is applicable to your organization, please bookmark this page.

Monday May 23, 2011

Oracle PeopleSoft Benefits and Payroll for North America – How does the new Healthcare Legislation impact your PeopleSoft products?

The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA) (P.L. 111-148) and the "Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010" (H.R. 4872) were signed into law March of 2010. The Oracle PeopleSoft team has been monitoring this legislation and the impacts it has on the PeopleSoft Benefits and Payroll for North America products. Through the use of Position Statements, updates and changes are communicated to our customers. Most recently we reported on product updates that were made as a result of changes that extend health care coverage to young adults.

One of the many changes initiated by PPACA requires any group health plan or plan in the individual market that provides dependent coverage for children to continue to make that coverage available until the child turns 26 years of age. This was effective for Plan or Policy Years beginning on or after September 23, 2010. The Act provides that medical coverage be extended to children up to the age of 26 without restrictions for student or marital status. In addition the tax favored status remains until the end of the tax year during which the child attains 26.

In order to allow for the varying age limits between plans it was necessary to develop a new Dependent Age limit structure which would allow our customers to accommodate the new age limit for dependents in the medical plans. 

To compliment this change we will be delivering enhancements to the Oracle PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits and Payroll for North America products to accommodate the difference in tax treatment of the Adult Child Benefit among states which do not conform to the Federal law. The IRS has issued guidance that the coverage for adult children is non-taxable through the calendar year they attain age 26, even though the law only requires plans to provide coverage up to the 26th birthday. State requirements may differ from these Federal requirements. In order to allow for compliance at the state level the following changes have been developed.


• Updated Benefit Rate Table Structure
• New relationship type “Adult Child”
• New Taxable Gross Component ID

The new configuration allows you to designate a value of the benefit attributable to the Adult Child in the Benefit Rate table. This value will then be used to calculate the appropriate state tax. Given the current functionality, the only deduction class that will not reduce the employee check, not impact Federal, and impute the income for the state is the Non-taxable Before tax deduction class. This deduction class is currently only available for use in Base Benefits for Savings Plan employer matching contribution. The new functionality will open up the use of this deduction class for use in the calculation of health premiums for the purpose of imputing taxable income for non conforming states.

The detailed information is posted to My Oracle Support Doc ID 1080659.1 - PeopleSoft Benefits and Payroll for North America Position Statement: HR 3590 and HR 4872.

In addition, we are currently following changes made in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, a section of the American Recoveries and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Congress passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) as part of the American Recoveries and Reinvestment Act of 2009. HITECH makes several significant modifications to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These changes include creating new code and transaction sets for the HIPAA 834 EDI. Thorough analysis is currently being conducted and updates will be provided in an upcoming Position Statement.

Position statements can be found by accessing My Oracle Support.


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