Monday Dec 24, 2012

PeopleSoft HCM – End of Year analysis and New Year’s Resolution

Greetings from the PeopleSoft HCM team!    By the end of the year, people usually look back to make an analysis of the year that went by and look forward to establish new goals and objectives for the coming year.  Let’s analyze together the last two years for PeopleSoft HCM and let's talk about our New Year's Resolution.

As probably most of you know (hopefully ALL of you know this by now!) PeopleSoft adopted a Continuous Delivery Model with the 9.1 release.  What that really means is that after a release gets GA  (aka, gets available) we keep delivering new features and capabilities on top of that release until the new major release gets GA. 

We decided to deliver Feature Packs to quicker respond to our Customers requests, while giving them the ultimate choice of how and when they want to deploy their new functionality to their users. 

In December 2010 PeopleSoft HCM delivered the Feature Pack 1 that included new capabilities such as Company Directory, Talent Management integrations (to allow Customers to use PeopleSoft Talent Management 9.1 while staying on PeopleSoft HR Core 9.0 or 8.9) and new XMLP reports among other features. 

In November 2011 we delivered the Feature Pack 2. That feature pack focused on helping managers better perform their day-to-day activities by providing new based search capabilities, new dashboards (Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary), Matrix Organization and Pivot Grids for Operational Analysis. Several other new features were included in that Feature Pack such as Global Payroll SEPA support, Total Rewards analysis, and more. Feature Pack 2 can be seen as our first step to change the way users interact with our PeopleSoft HCM application which will even become more revolutionary, as you will see, with our upcoming 9.2 release.

In September 2012 we delivered our first PeopleSoft HCM Mobile Application: Mobile Company Directory. This mobile application allows employees and managers to get access to contact information and to connect with other employees from wherever they are and whenever needed.  For more information see our Mobile Company Directory blog.

We, the PeopleSoft team,  feel proud of what we have accomplished so far and are glad to see the positive feedback and reaction of our Customers.

The next major milestone for us is the upcoming 9.2 release (targeted for Calendar Year 2013).  We think the 9.2 release will completely change the way users interact with the PeopleSoft HCM system. Through the expanded use of Global Search and related action framework, users will be able to navigate the system in a way they were never able to do before. They will be able to type keywords, go directly to the page or transaction they are looking for (avoiding menu navigation) and take action from where they are.  Users will also count with guided navigation and the system will help them go through the steps to complete specific activities with the objective of minimizing errors or having incomplete tasks/processes.  We are also delivering new dashboards and workcenters so users can more productively work from a central place where they can have all the information they need. 

These are only just some examples of the new 9.2 upcoming features, and we encourage you to read our PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Release Value Proposition document to learn more about it.

There are many other major deliverables we are planning for 2013, among them:
- New methodology and process to apply maintenance that we consider will be quite unique in the market. With the new update manager tool, there will be no more prerequisite bundles or maintenance packs. Customers will be able to select what fixes/enhancements they want to apply and they will be able to create their own custom package that will contain only the required objects. We expect Customers to see immediate benefits in reduced time and effort for analysis and preparation, patching, and patching verification and validation. For more information read refer to PeopleTools 8.53 RVP document posted on My Oracle Support for more details.
- New integrations with other Oracle products, such as integration with Taleo Recruiting.
- And more …

So … what is our Next Year’s Resolution?  To keep delivering innovation in HCM by listening and delivering value to our Customers. We have hopefully demonstrated by now that we are serious about it.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

Cumulative Feature Overviews For PeopleSoft 9.2 Now Available

Cumulative Feature Overviews (aka CFO's), are a great tool to start your fit gap analysis for PeopleSoft 9.2.      Built into an Excel spreadsheet, it enables you to quickly understand major changes that have occurred across multiple releases for any give product.    For example, if you are on PeopleSoft Accounts Payable 8.9 and are looking for the changes that have occurred between 8.9 and 9.2, the CFO tool provides a list of these changes for all releases since PeopleSoft 8.9 with detailed descriptions.    Customers and partners can now download the 9.2 versions of the CFO's in My Oracle Support at the link below.

PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview Tool Homepage [ID 1117033.1]

Monday Oct 08, 2012

Support Changes for PeopleSoft Applications

To ensure Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications customers continue to receive world class support from Oracle and have ample opportunity to upgrade to PeopleSoft Release 9.2, Oracle recently announced the following changes to Oracle’s Lifetime Support:

  • Extended Support for PeopleSoft Release 9.0 until June 2015
  • Waiver of Extended Support Fees on PeopleSoft Release 9.0
  • Waiver of Extended Support Fees on PeopleSoft Release 9.1

The extension of Oracle Extended Support for PeopleSoft Release 9.0 applications from various months in 2014 to June 2015 is documented in the “Oracle Lifetime Support Policy” for Oracle Applications found here:

The waiver of Oracle Extended Support uplift fees on PeopleSoft Release 9.0 and PeopleSoft Release 9.1 applications is documented in the “Oracle Software Technical Support Policies” found here:

Furthermore, Oracle also recently announced Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) service offerings for PeopleSoft Payroll for North America and PeopleSoft Global Payroll Release 8.9* to provide tax, legal, and regulatory updates. For more information on the Oracle Advance Customer Support (ACS) service offerings contact

*select country extensions only including: France, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, India, Australia, and New Zealand

COLLABORATE 13 Call for Papers

Attention PeopleSoft customers!  Speak at the largest user-led PeopleSoft conference of the year and attend for free!

Interested in submitting a presentation for COLLABORATE 13? October 12 is the deadline to submit your abstract. The COLLABORATE 13- Quest forum is your home for high-level education sessions around PeopleSoft.

Presenting doesn’t just mean giving a solo lecture: you can present with a vendor, give a demonstration (internet will be provided), facilitate a hot topic discussion or even offer best practices from an experience your company has been through. Remember, to submit an abstract now, all you need is a short description of your presentation.

Think you don't have a story to tell? Think again! Check out the COLLABORATE 13- Quest forum now to better understand what we are looking for. A selection committee of other PeopleSoft users will review all sessions and select the most relevant, customer-focused sessions possible to make COLLABORATE a great learning experience for everyone. Don't forget, one speaker from each session selected will be eligible to receive a complimentary registration to the entire event *some rules apply.

Also, don’t forget to include your functional counterpart. The selection committee is looking to increase the amount of functional users attending and want to help them glean the most out of the event.

Thank you for your time and please let the selection committee know if you have any questions about submitting a presentation. We look forward to seeing you at COLLABORATE 13 in Denver!

Quest's COLLABORATE '13 website -

Sunday Sep 16, 2012

Focus On PeopleSoft at Oracle Open World

With over 170 PeopleSoft content sessions at this year's Open World, you can use the following links to make the most of your conference experience:

· Focus on PeopleSoft Applications Technology (PeopleTools)

· Focus on PeopleSoft Financials

· Focus On PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)

· Focus on PeopleSoft Procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

· Focus on PeopleSoft Projects (ESA)

For all Oracle products use this link:

Oralce OpenWorld 2012, September 30 - October 4, 2012 San Francisco

Friday Sep 07, 2012

PeopleSoft at Oracle OpenWorld (September 29 - October 4, 2012)

Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle Senior Vice President for PeopleSoft, welcome's PeopleSoft customers to Oracle OpenWorld in his welcome letter. Aubrejuan highlights the themes of new Release 9.2 features and functionality, mobile solutions, reduction in total cost of ownership, and continued investment beyond Release 9.2.

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Oracle University PeopleSoft Training On Demand Classes Available

Oracle and PeopleSoft continue to improve the customer experience with our products. As part of that ongoing commitment, Oracle University now offers some of its classes in a new Training On Demand format.

Of course, you can continue to choose to attend one of Oracle University’s publicly scheduled courses with an expert instructor in either a traditional classroom environment at one of our worldwide training locations or in a live interactive class format with labs delivered over the internet.  But now you also have the option of greater flexibility with your training by taking your Training On Demand.

Oracle University’s Training On Demand courses feature expert training from Oracle’s top instructors in a sophisticated streaming video recording. Training On Demand provides access to demos and hands-on student activities so you won’t sacrifice anything in your training experience.

The following PeopleSoft classes are now available in the new Training On Demand Format.

  • Asset Management 9.1
  • Benefits Administration 9.1
  • ePerformance 9.1
  • eProcurement 9.1
  • Integration Tools 8.50
  • Payroll for North America 9.1
  • PeopleTools I 8.50
  • PeopleTools II 8.50
  • PS/Nvision for General Ledger 9.1
  • Recruiting Solutions 9.1

Please visit Oracle University’s site for more information.

Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM 9.2 Release Value Propositions

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) are world-class solutions for organizations of every size, region, and industry. Oracle’s planned product roadmap for PeopleSoft applications is to deliver valuable, needed features for all of an organization’s constituents along three design principles — Simplicity, Productivity, and Lowered Total Cost of Ownership — as well as new application functionality as prioritized by our customers.

The upcoming 9.2 releases of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, Enterprise Learning Management, Asset Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Service Automation, Financial Management Solution, Supply Chain Management, and Supplier Relationship Management focus on these themes of Simplicity, Productivity, and Lower Total Cost of Ownership while also delivering robust new functionality to help your organization succeed.

The recently published PeopleSoft HCM and ELM 9.2 Release Value Proposition and PeopleSoft ALM, ESA, FMS, SCM, and SRM 9.2 Release Value Proposition provide overviews of the new features and enhancements planned for these applications for Release 9.2. These documents offer customers a road map intended to help them assess the business benefits of upgrading to the 9.2 release while also helping them plan their IT projects and investments. (Links are to My Oracle Support pages, available to customers and partners.)

Oracle continues to deliver enterprise-wide features that enhance our customer ownership experience and helps them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. With the HCM and FSCM 9.2 releases, we continue to abide by this firm commitment we’ve made to our customers.

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Conference Unites the PeopleSoft Community

The PeopleSoft team is looking forward to participating in this new PeopleSoft deep dive conference from the Quest International Users Group.  We’ve worked diligently with the leadership of Quest’s PeopleSoft Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) and Regional User Groups (RUG’s) to make sure this national user event delivers PeopleSoft content that meets the needs of the PeopleSoft community.

The inaugural PeopleSoft RECONNECT conference will be held August 27-29, 2012 in Hartford Connecticut.  Through our Product Strategy, Development and Support teams Oracle will provide support for education sessions in these key tracks:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Financials (FMS)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Distribution (SCM)
  • Project Costing
  • Applications Technology (PeopleTools)

Oracle will host a general session from John Webb, plus roadmap sessions for the major PeopleSoft product areas.  We will also host enhancement discussions for our key PeopleSoft solutions allowing participants to contribute to the future of PeopleSoft through an interactive forum.  All of this is part of the 100+ education sessions being offered by the customer and vendor community.  

There’s a lot of buzz around this conference, so don’t delay in registering key members of your team today.  We look forward to seeing you there so register NOW!

Monday Jun 04, 2012

Oracle HCM User Group (OHUG) 2012 Conference

The PeopleSoft HCM team is looking forward to a great OHUG conference and to meeting with our PeopleSoft HCM Customers there!

The OHUG Global Conference 2012 will be held at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 18-22, 2012.

With Oracle Corporation's continued support of the Global OHUG Conference, this event is one of the best opportunities PeopleSoft HCM Customers have to interact and communicate directly with PeopleSoft Strategy, Development and Support and understand the entire Oracle HCM opportunities that await.

PeopleSoft HCM has 10 exciting sessions and several Meet the Experts sessions planned to highlight the value and opportunities with PeopleSoft applications. For details on the PeopleSoft HCM tracks and sessions please visit the OHUG Session Line Up page.

PeopleSoft HCM will be offering an annual General Roadmap session by Tracy Martin and multiple Product specific sessions. Our PeopleSoft HCM General session will provide very valuable information on our continuous delivery strategy and upcoming HCM 9.2 release and beyond. Tracy will also address opportunities that await PeopleSoft customers with co-exist opportunities with Fusion, Taleo, Oracle BI and more. Our Product Roadmap sessions will go into product specific areas providing roadmap information for the corresponding product domains.

There will also be a PeopleTools Roadmap and Vision session that will let Customers see what is new in PeopleTools and what is planned for the future.

And last, but not least, PeopleSoft will be holding the annual Meet the Experts sessions. Customers who want to have focused discussions on specific areas or products can meet with PeopleSoft Strategy, Development and Support teams who will be available to discuss product features and answer Customers' questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity! If you are a PeopleSoft HCM Customer, join us at OHUG! Look forward to seeing you there.

Monday Mar 12, 2012

For Customers upgrading to or newly implementing PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 – Feature Pack 2 CD and Upgrade Certifications Now Available

If your organization is on PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 or 8.9 and is planning an upgrade to release 9.1 or if your company is planning to start a brand new PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 implementation, then it is important for you to know that the English and Multi-Language CDs for the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 enhancements are now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC).

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 has been delivering new features and capabilities through bundles and maintenance packs since the release became available in October 2009. These new features and capabilities are called feature pack enhancements. The new CDs (Feature Pack 2 CDs Revision release) allow net new 9.1 customers to get the most up to date version of the software which includes the original 9.1 release plus fixes and feature pack enhancements made available through bundles and maintenance packs since the GA release.

Updated documentation (PeopleBooks, the Hardware/Software Requirements Guide, the Installation Guide, the Cumulative Feature Overview, the Release Notes, and more) is available on OSDC and My Oracle Support (MOS). You can also view the updated PeopleBooks on the Oracle PeopleSoft Hosted PeopleBooks site. In addition, the upgrade scripts have been updated to align with the HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Revision release and are now available on MOS. View the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 8.9MP1 to 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Upgrade and the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.0 to 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Upgrade pages on MOS.

Existing PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Customers need to install feature pack enhancements following a different methodology (not through these new CDs). Please see MOS page here for more information. You can learn more about our current Continuous Delivery Model by watching this short video.

Friday Feb 24, 2012

PeopleSoft Long Term Investement Plan and Roadmap

I'm often asked by customers, what's next for the PeopleSoft product line? It's a topic we love to discuss, as there are a lot of great things happening with the PeopleSoft products as you might have seen in our recent Feature Pack 2 announcements and YouTube postings. Striving to put more of this information in the hands of our customers, last year we published a multi-year roadmap that went well beyond a typical statement of direction for the next planned release. It included both functional and technical directions for all PeopleSoft products over multiple years. A number of the features highlighted in this original roadmap document have now been delivered with the culmination of 9.1 Feature Pack 2 and PeopleTools 8.52. We've now included additional updates for PeopleSoft 9.2 and beyond.

This document is available on My Oracle Support for all Oracle customers with a valid MOS login:

PeopleSoft Long Term Investment Plan and Roadmap

Sunday Dec 18, 2011

Managing the Mobile Workplace

Working 9-to-5 in your office is a thing of the past these days.  Today’s workers begin their workday by grabbing their smartphone, checking for company emails and daily tasks even before they get out of the bed.  Collaborating with team members via web conference without getting tethered to a desktop computer confined in a physical office location is commonplace.   With wide-spread availability of the internet connection, employees can conduct practically all of his/her tasks from the comfort of using mobile devices.  Thanks to smartphones, mobile tablets and Wi-Fi, which have completely changed the way we do our jobs and enabled us to do them quicker, better and more for our employer.  Tasks such as approving an absence request for your employee, taking and submitting a work-related expense with a photo receipt, holding and attending conferences or meetings with your employees located across the globe, and reviewing annual performance appraisals, can be easily performed directly from the comfort of your preferred place and time with a mobile device.  As a result, virtual workplace powered by mobile devices is paramount and employers are finding that employees are more productive and efficient when they are allowed to do their work ubiquitously.

The following statistics from various analyst groups attest to this latest trend in workforce and to the cultural transformation of our corporate environments as employee adoption of mobile devices continue to proliferate exponentially.

· 75% worked more hours because of the increased flexibility in when and where they could work. (The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report - © 2011 iPass, Inc.)

· 32% of the employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device during a typical workday. (The Rise of the Mobile Workforce - © 2011 Gist)

· 89 of the top 100 US companies offer telecommuting (Telework Coalition)

· By 2013, more than 1.19 billion workers worldwide will be using mobile technology, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce (Mobile Workers Will Pass 1 Billion in 2010 - © 2011 IDC)

· Gen-Y is entering the workforce, creating a cultural shift and a demand for more mobile devices, wireless support, and use of social media (© 2011 Gartner)

So what is Oracle PeopleSoft doing today to meet the demands and to address the mobility needs of your enterprise workforce?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you can enable your workforce to be ubiquitous by allowing them to run PeopleSoft applications anytime anywhere using a mobile device such as Apple iPad?  Wait no more.  With the release of the latest PeopleTools 8.52, we have certified the Apple’s Safari browser and your workforce can now run any PeopleSoft applications on the Apples’ iPad tablet device. 

With the iPad tablet certified for PeopleSoft applications, your workforce can readily access content-rich HCM applications such as Company Directory, Talent Summary, and Manager Dashboard directly from their iPad device and leverage the convenience of the mobile device to better manage their workforce with a touch of a finger:

Company Directory enables your employees and managers to search for people across the organization through a visual representation of the organization hierarchical structure, and enable actions such as managing absences, compensation, performance, career and succession planning.
Talent Summary provides HR managers a unified and holistic view of talent related information of an individual employee when they want to view job competencies, performance history and other aggregated data about their direct reports at an individual level as well as indirect reports for higher level managers.
Manager Dashboard allows HR managers to quickly and easily view actionable summaries of information for the manager’s direct and indirect reports, and update human resource information as needed.

There are more to offer. We also provide a mobile approval solution which allows managers to view and approve requests directly via an email on a mobile device. What about your employees wanting to capture expense receipts at the point of transaction while they’re on-the-go? Look no further. With the popularity of the iPhone, we have delivered iReceipt which can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store to help your workforce easily capture and manage a record of their expenses while they’re on the move.

PeopleSoft Inventory Management is another mobile solution which was delivered this year as a pure mobile application to help the healthcare vertical market manage on-site inventory and take advantage of capabilities like bar-code scanner and signature capture technology.

These are just a snippet of examples on how we continue to deliver innovative business solutions that can help you effectively manage your mobile workplace via mobile enablement. For more information on the latest PeopleSoft mobile initiative and solutions described above, please contact your account manager and stay tuned. There are more mobile applications coming your way.

Tuesday Nov 15, 2011

Manager Self Service at your Fingertips

Last week we released new and improved Manager Self Service capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1. We delivered a new Manager Dashboard, streamlined many Manager Self Service transactions, provided new Pivot Grid capabilities, and implemented one-click Related Actions accessible from multiple places – all with the goal of improving every Manager’s self service experience.



















Manager Dashboard

These new capabilities have the potential to significantly impact an organization’s bottom line, and here is why.

Increased Efficiency

The Manager Dashboard provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for your Managers with all of the key data they need consolidated into a single view. Alerts notifying managers of important tasks are immediately viewable and actionable. Administrators can configure the dashboard to include the most important pagelets needed for their organization, and Managers can personalize it to fit within their personal way of conducting their tasks. The Related Actions feature further improves the ease with which Managers get their work done by providing one-click access to Manager Self Service transactions. 

Increased Job Satisfaction

The streamlined Manager transactions, related actions, and the new Manager Dashboard provide an enhanced user experience. Managers are able to quickly get in, get the information they need, complete their transactions, and get out. Managers can spend their time focusing on getting the business results they need instead of their day to day HR tasks.

Enhanced Decision Support

Administrators can ensure the information and analytics they want their Managers to use are available from the Manager Dashboard, establishing best business practices. Additional pivot grids relevant to your own organization can be added to the Manager Dashboard. With this easy access to the relevant information in an easily understood format, Managers can make the right business decisions needed to improve their team and their team’s productivity.

For more details on the Manager Dashboard and some of the other newly posted features, such as a new Talent Summary, check out this video and others: Oracle PeopleSoft Webcasts

Thursday Nov 10, 2011

Oracle Announces Release of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2

Big things sometimes come in small packages.  Today Oracle announced the availability of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 which delivers a new HR self service user experience that fundamentally changes the way managers and employees interact with the HCM system.  Earlier this year we reviewed a number of new concept designs with our Customer Advisory Boards.  With the accelerated feature pack development cycle we have adopted, these innovations are  now available to all 9.1 customers without the need for an upgrade.   There are no new products that need to be licensed for the capabilities below.

For more details on Feature Pack 2, please see the Oracle press release.

Included in Feature Pack 2 is a new search-based menu-free navigation that allows managers to search for employees by name and take actions directly from the secure search results.  For example, a manager can now simply type in part of an employee’s first or last name and receive meaningful results from documents related to performance, compensation, learning, recruiting, career planning and more.   Delivered actions can be initiated directly from these search results and the actions are securely tied to HCM security and user role. 

The feature pack also includes new pages that will enable managers to be more productive by aggregating key employee data into a single page.  The new Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary provide a consolidated view of data related to a manager’s team and individual team members, respectively.   The Manager Dashboard displays information relevant to their direct reports including team learning, objective alignment, alerts, and pending approvals requiring their attention.  The Talent Summary provides managers with an aggregated view of talent management-related data for an individual employee including performance history, salary history, succession options, total rewards, and competencies.   The information displayed in both the Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary is configurable by system administrators and can be personalized by each of your managers.

Other Feature Pack 2 enhancements allow organizations to administer Matrix or Dotted-Line Relationship Management, which addresses the challenge of tracking and maintaining project-based organizations that cut across the enterprise and geographic regions.  From within the Company Directory and Org Viewer organization charts, managers now have access to manager self-service transactions from related actions.  More than 70 manager and employee self-service transactions have been tied into the related action framework accessible from Org Viewer, Manager Dashboard, Talent Summary and Secure Enterprise Search (SES) results.  In addition to making it easier to access manager self-service transactions, the feature pack delivers streamlined transaction pages making everyday tasks such as promoting an employee faster and more efficient.

With the delivery of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2, Oracle continues to deliver on its commitment to our PeopleSoft customers.  With this feature pack, HCM 9.1 customers will be able to deploy the newest functionality quickly, without a major release upgrade, and realize added value from their existing PeopleSoft investment.    For customers newly deploying 9.1, a new download with all of Feature Pack 2  will be available early next year.   This will aslo include recertified upgrade paths from 8.8, 8.9 and 9.0, for customers in the upgrade process.

Monday Nov 07, 2011

Using PeopleSoft Analytics to Maximize Workforce Effectiveness

I recently attended a session at the 2011 HR Technology Conference with Laurie Bassi and Jac Fitz-enz discussing the fact that HCM is now emerging as one of the sustainable sources of competitive advantage. I continue to be amazed that, after talking about the value of Human Capital for over 30 years, we – as an industry – are still struggling to “quantify” that value. The adoption of HCM analytics has also been slow to be adopted, but we are now seeing momentum in this area as well.

Dr. Jac Fitz-enz has written dozen of books on the subject (he’s published 11 books and over 290 articles, reports and book chapters on measurement and strategic management since the 1970’s) and Laurie Bassie, an industry thought leader in her own right, has just released a new book titled Good Company: Business Success in the Worthiness Era. Much of the discussion and case studies in this session not only suggest, but actually prove that companies with good HR practices and exceptional treatment of employees, outperform companies that don’t follow these documented principals by as much as 50%.

At PeopleSoft, at least for my almost 20 years here, we have been talking about using analytics to help prove the fact that “people” are a leading indicator of company success. Even with early versions of PeopleSoft HCM, we delivered tools to help extract and analyze HR data. Later, we delivered pre-packaged analytic KPI’s (key performance indicators) in our HCM analytics product called Workforce Analytics.

PeopleSoft has long valued input from our customer base and in listening to input from customer meetings and advisory boards and as technology innovations have escalated, we have continued to enhance our HCM product line with more comprehensive analytics capabilities to help companies evaluate the value of Human Capital. In addition, since our acquisition by Oracle, we have been able to exploit additional tools and technologies to compliment our HCM applications such as the innovative HR Analytics product and the new Fusion HCM products.

Several years ago, I defined 5 Levels of metrics that matter. These levels of analytics, listed in order from least impact/complexity to most impact/complexity, include:

  1. Information Distribution (standard reports)
  2. Metrics Delivery (dashboards)
  3. Contextual Embedded Analytics
  4. Correlated Analytics
  5. Predictive Modeling

We can turn the clock back to see a quick history of PeopleSoft and Oracle’s HCM analytics capabilities:

Level 1:  Delivery of standard reports – headcount reports, turnover reports, time to fill position, and so on – from Release 1.

Level 2:  Delivery of scorecards and dashboards, typically through HCM Analytics or Enterprise Performance Management capabilities from Release 7.

Level 3:  Delivery of embedded contextual analytics – analytics are a part of a business process, not an after thought, one off report since Release 8.

Level  4:  Delivery of correlated analytics – analytics that pull information from multiple sources to provide not only quantitative data, but qualitative indices as well – Release 9 and beyond.

Level 5:  Delivery of predictive analytics – through the use of data mining and data patterns – we are now able to look at the vast amount of HCM data to help predict future trends. Release 9.1 and beyond as well as in the Fusion HCM product line.

Now – with the delivery of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1, we are able to address all 5 Levels of analytics within our products and tools.

We will continue to put robust analytics in the hands of end users when we deliver the new Pivot Grid feature, coming soon in PeopleTools 8.52. The pivot grid is a new analytic capability that gives users the ability to quickly and easily pivot and filter data within PeopleSoft applications without having to export data to Microsoft Excel. Data for pivot grids is generated by PS Query and can be rendered in charts or analytical grids. Users can add pivot grids to application pages or pagelets. The capability to create new pivot grids in PeopleSoft HCM is enabled by PeopleTools 8.52, and we have plans to deliver pivot grids in the next release of HCM. Going forward, managers will be able to quickly view and analyze relevant critical information deployed to their home pages or dashboards.

Example of a pivot grid (with data displayed as a bar chart) created with PeopleTools 8.52 and deployed to a manager’s dashboard:

As we look at the future roadmap for PeopleSoft, HCM analytics will continue to play an increased role in how the Human Resources organization provides value to their company by delivering targeted information to not only evaluate how current talent is performing, but to actually predict the value of that talent into the future. Who are our top performers? Who are we at risk of losing? What skills will we need in the future and who are the potential candidates to fill those roles? Are we doing what we need as managers to engage that segment of the workforce? These are just a few examples of the many ways we need to use the vast amount of information on our employees to drive future success of our businesses. Our job at PeopleSoft is to deliver that information to you in an easy and seamless way to continue to show the economic value of your most valuable asset – your employees.

For more information go to our Virtual Briefing Center for HR Executives here.


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