Tuesday Nov 15, 2011

Manager Self Service at your Fingertips

Last week we released new and improved Manager Self Service capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1. We delivered a new Manager Dashboard, streamlined many Manager Self Service transactions, provided new Pivot Grid capabilities, and implemented one-click Related Actions accessible from multiple places – all with the goal of improving every Manager’s self service experience.



















Manager Dashboard

These new capabilities have the potential to significantly impact an organization’s bottom line, and here is why.

Increased Efficiency

The Manager Dashboard provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for your Managers with all of the key data they need consolidated into a single view. Alerts notifying managers of important tasks are immediately viewable and actionable. Administrators can configure the dashboard to include the most important pagelets needed for their organization, and Managers can personalize it to fit within their personal way of conducting their tasks. The Related Actions feature further improves the ease with which Managers get their work done by providing one-click access to Manager Self Service transactions. 

Increased Job Satisfaction

The streamlined Manager transactions, related actions, and the new Manager Dashboard provide an enhanced user experience. Managers are able to quickly get in, get the information they need, complete their transactions, and get out. Managers can spend their time focusing on getting the business results they need instead of their day to day HR tasks.

Enhanced Decision Support

Administrators can ensure the information and analytics they want their Managers to use are available from the Manager Dashboard, establishing best business practices. Additional pivot grids relevant to your own organization can be added to the Manager Dashboard. With this easy access to the relevant information in an easily understood format, Managers can make the right business decisions needed to improve their team and their team’s productivity.

For more details on the Manager Dashboard and some of the other newly posted features, such as a new Talent Summary, check out this video and others: Oracle PeopleSoft Webcasts

Tuesday Feb 08, 2011

More About PeopleSoft Feature Packs

In my previous PeopleSoft Feature Pack post I introduced the new PeopleSoft Feature Pack delivery process. The response has been fantastic. It appears our customers agree that this new offering benefits them in many ways.


Since there has been so much interest in our Feature Pack strategy and since so many customers have been referencing our PeopleSoft FAQ in which we explain this new delivery mechanism, we've created the short presentation below to further explain Feature Packs.



Thursday Dec 16, 2010

PeopleSoft Feature Packs

On December 7th we delivered the first "Feature Pack" for PeopleSoft 9.1.   While work on PeopleSoft 9.2 continues at a fast pace, new features continue to be delivered for 9.1.    This first one is focused on HCM - "HCM 9.1 - December 2010 Feature Pack". Our plan across PeopleSoft is to deliver Feature Packs on an annual basis in between major releases. For PeopleSoft customers, this provides ongoing business value above and beyond what was delivered in 9.1 in 2009. New capabilities in HCM now include the following:

  • 9.1 Talent Management integrations for customers on 8.9 or 9.0 HCM - Customers can upgrade or implement the 9.1 versions of our Learning, Compensation, Performance, Succession Planning and Recruiting solutions to work with their core HR platform on 8.9 or 9.0.
  • New Company Directory Solution (no new license required) - see this announcement for more information.
  • New preconfigured workflows for Federal business processes.
  • Newly designed XMLP reports
  • Integration bewteen Clarvia's CVM Staff Manager scheduling product and PeopleSoft HCM for Healthcare customers.
  • A cumulative recut HCM CD with all of the above for new and upgrading customers to use as their starting point for HCM 9.1.

Want to know more about PeopleSoft's Feature Pack Strategy? An FAQ for customers and partners can be found on My Oracle Support. 


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