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Absence Management White Papers to Assist with your Implementations

Absence Management Setup – Additional Resources

PeopleSoft is committed to helping our customers sharing our knowledge expertise in our applications. We have prepared a collection of documents (White Papers) containing examples, tips, and techniques to help you when making important decisions during your Absence Management implementation.   These documents can all be found on My Oracle Support.

Absence Management Entitlement and Take Setup
This document (Document ID 1493866.1) provides an overview of how to set up the main components of Absence Management, such as Absence Entitlement and Take elements, as well as other supporting elements relevant to your Absence Management implementation.

Absence Management System Elements
This document (Document ID 1493879.1) provides an overview of the system elements related to Absence Management. System elements are building blocks used during the design and construction of your Absence Rules. Knowing how they work and when to use them should help you expedite the implementation of your Absence Policy rules in your company

Absence Management Self Service Setup
This document (Document ID 1493867.1) provides an overview and guidance on some of the important areas when setting up Absence Self Service. Throughout this document we are providing examples of different configurations supported in Self Service. 

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

PeopleSoft Absence Management - Benefits of using Absence Forecasting

Absence Forecasting has been designed to evaluate the impact of an Absence Event. Organizations needing to enforce their Absence policies should use Absence Forecasting. Absence Forecasting is a role-based function that can be deployed for Administrator transactions as well as Employee and Manager Self Service transactions. Forecasting can be enabled for the Absence Entitlements (Accruals) and Absence Takes (actual Absence Requests).

The following are some benefits of implementing Absence Forecasting in your company:

  • Ability for users to forecast Absence Balances and plan their personal time off.
  • Ability to prevent users from Requesting Absence when eligibility criteria has not been met.
  • Ability to prevent users from Requesting Absence when the Entitlement Balance is not sufficient and/or not available.
  • Configurable rules to allow users requesting absence going negative for a number of (days/units) defined as part of your Absence Policy.
  • Ability to prevent Approvers (Managers and Administrators) from approving absences when whose Requestor is not eligible.

Overall, Absence Forecasting provides you the ability to configure and enforce your Absence Policies. For additional information about Absence Forecasting please download the most recent version of our Absence Forecasting white paper.

PeopleSoft Absence Management 9.1 – Extended Leave Framework

Managing Extended Leaves can be costly besides being an administrative headache. Managing Extended Leaves manually could also lead to expensive administrative errors, such as lost paperwork, incorrect calculation of eligibility and leave balances, and missing opportunities to detecting leave abuse, among others.

Absence Management Release 9.1 now offers an Extended Leave Framework to help track all information related to an extended leave such as leave type, reason, medical certifications, physical therapy sessions, and so on. The Extended Leave Framework provides support for a wide variety of Extended Absences such as FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) in the United States, Canadian Employment Standards Act (Maternity, Parental, and Compassionate Care Leave), Statutory Sick and Maternity Pay in the United Kingdom, Educational Leave in Germany, among others. These types of leaves typically have more rigorous eligibility criteria, require documentation to support the taking of the leave, and need more or different levels of approval as well as a higher degree of confidentiality than typical leaves.

The Framework allows you to configure multiple templates to track the data required, based on your leave policy, using configurable sections. These sections can accommodate different types of data as well as validations that you may want to perform in those fields such as making a field required, prompt to other tables in the system, and so on. The Framework allows documents related to or supporting the extended leave request to be attached, such as PDFs, Word documents, and emails. The Extended Leave framework has also been designed with employee’s privacy in mind by deploying a robust roles based security framework. The Extended Leave Framework is also integrated with the PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine so you will define who receives notifications and who will be the approver for your extended leave requests.

For more information about Absence Management Extended Leave Framework you can download the Using Extended Leave Framework within PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Absence Management White Paper (Document ID 1262812.1) in My Oracle Support.


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