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COVID-19-Related Update for PeopleSoft Inventory: Substitute Alternative Items for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Short Supply

June Yee, and Tadipatri Sudarsan

The COVID-19 crisis has left many healthcare organizations in short supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) because their regular suppliers are unable or are slow in fulfilling their purchasing requirements. Consequently, many organizations are supplying their demands with alternative items that may have been donated or come from alternative sources.  

In the past, the Inventory Reserve Materials process would look at the first substitute item in the list and attempt to reserve that item for a Material Stock Request (MSR).  If that supply was insufficient to fulfill the requirement on the MSR, a backorder was created, without considering other items in the substitution list that may be appropriate as an alternative.

We’ve changed the behavior in the MSR Reservations process to consider fulfilling the demand quantity by evaluating the following criteria within the list of substitutions:

  1. Is the substitution item valid for the date requested?  This is done by checking the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ of the substitute item.
  2. Is there enough quantity available to fulfill the entire demand?
  3. Is the substitute item “Shippable”?

Once the full list of available substitutes is filtered for likely candidates, the reservations process will reserve the Item and Inventory Business Unit combination that best fulfills the demand.   If there is not one Item and Quantity Available combination that can address the entire amount required, the reservations process will reserve what it can and then move to the next available substitute that qualifies.  A single demand line may generate more than one reservation demand row.


For example…

Let’s assume you’ve already set up a substitute item list for utility gloves, in which the first substitute item is medical gloves and the second substitute is donated gloves:

You need to replenish your supply of utility gloves.  Create a Stock Request to reserve 20 pairs of large utility gloves:

When you click Reserve, the MSR process generates 4 reservation demand rows for this example:

These changes to the MSR reservation process offer you the added flexibility you need to fulfill your stock requests with more alternative substitute choices and is particularly useful when items such as PPE are delayed or in short supply from your regular suppliers.


 How do I get this solution?

 For complete setup, configuration, and installation instructions, contact Oracle Support and request Patch # 31307537

For more information, see COVID-19 Updates for PeopleSoft and Oracle's commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis.