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Sneak Peek – Job Data Modernization Configurable Data Entry

Julie Alonso
Product Management Director

With Classic Job Data you couldn’t hide any of the tabs or fields unless you modified the page.  Now with the Modernization of Job Data you have the able to hide tabs (steps) and fields using Page and Field Configurator (PFC).  The cool thing about PFC it gives you the flexibility to configure fields and pages without having to customize.

 The modernized Fluid Job Data is using activity guides which provides an easy step by step approach for entering data.  With Fluid Job Data you can now easily hide pages and fields to make the data entry much faster because the HR Administrator or HR Rep only needs to enter fields required for that job data transaction. 

In this example above the HR Admin is doing an employee requested Transfer transaction (note: customer doesn’t use position management).   You can have only pages and fields available that are relevant to that job data transaction – making data entry much faster since only the relevant and required fields for a Transfer are displayed.

Using Page and Field Configurator, you can hide tabs (ex. Job Information) or fields (position number) in Job Data – you can easily hide those from the page.

Now when the HR Admin/HR Rep does a Transfer transaction they see only the steps and fields needed – making entry much faster and removing the risks for fields not related to a transfer to be changed.

Are you ready for Job Data Modernization? Click on the link to find out how to be proactive (not reactive) when Job Data Modernization is released later this year.

Check out next week’s blog for another sneak peek for a new Job Data Modernization feature.