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PeopleSoft Chat – Ep 7: Why Fluid and Enhanced Navigation is important for PeopleSoft customers with guest Rob Townsend

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy

Rob Townsend, Managing Partner at MoTown Group Consulting discusses how Fluid and enhanced navigation is one of the best investments you can make to modernize your PeopleSoft system.


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If you’re yet to make the complete transition to Fluid, Rob shares compelling reasons as to why you should consider doing so. On the podcast, Rob shares his thoughts on a customer that was thinking of moving off of PeopleSoft before deploying Fluid “…wait a minute guys, you know before you invest the three to six to eight million dollars replacing PeopleSoft, we can enable Employee Self-Service, we can enable Manager Self-Service, we can enable Fluid at pennies on the dollar for what you're going to be spending moving-off of PeopleSoft.”


You’ll also get to hear Rob’s thoughts on  UI navigation and how customers should be looking at reducing their ‘technical debt’. If you would like to learn more about Fluid, you can look up this blog post “Learn from PeopleSoft users why switching to the Fluid User Interface is the best thing to do.”