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RECONNECT 2020 – As an Oracle PeopleSoft Customer, this is a virtual event you do not want to miss!

Robbin Velayedam
Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy

Over the past nine years, we have partnered closely with Quest to host PeopleSoft Reconnect - one of the most important PeopleSoft conferences of the year.  This year, Reconnect is going virtual and as a result, offers PeopleSoft customers some advantages and unique opportunities.


Let’s look at how Reconnect is different (and better) this year:

  • 1,800+ Attendees – you will be part of history since we are on pace to having the largest attendance ever for Reconnect
  • 125+ Sessions – you will have access to more PeopleSoft subject matter experts, sessions, partners, and customers
  • Oracle Virtual Booth – you will be able to connect with my team and others one-on-one a lot easier than we could during in-person conferences
  • Instant on-demand access to all Sessions – you are just one click away from the sessions with the flexibility to attend as many or as few sessions as you want
  • Easier Registration – Quest is offering an unlimited organization-wide registration option that will allow you to send as many employees as you wish for one low price


I highly recommend taking advantage of the organization-wide registration option.  It allows more of your PeopleSoft users and administrative staff to hear first-hand and ask questions about all the exciting new features we are planning for the PeopleSoft applications they use every day.


I hope to see you on Monday, Oct 5th @ 2:15 pm ET when I will be presenting the PeopleSoft HCM Update and Roadmap.  You will see demos of Job Data modernization, new HCM Chatbots, Kibana HCM analytics, and much more.  Throughout the week, my team will be hosting additional PeopleSoft HCM sessions such as:

  • Data Privacy and Managing Sensitive Information In PeopleSoft HCM – Learn how you can easily manage Personally Identifiable Information in PeopleSoft in the HCM application layer
  • PeopleSoft HCM Chatbots – A new way of engaging with your employees – Learn how you can deploy Oracle chatbot technology to allow employees to take action and look up information in PeopleSoft without engaging HR staff
  • All about Benefits – An update and roadmap for PeopleSoft Benefits – Learn what new features have been recently delivered and are planned for PeopleSoft Benefits
  • Kibana Analytics – A better self-service way to analyze data in PeopleSoft HCM – Learn how you can leverage Kibana in PeopleTools to deliver informative, new self-service analytics to any PeopleSoft user
  • PeopleSoft Time & Attendance – What’s new and improved? – Learn what new features have been recently delivered and are planned for PeopleSoft Time & Labor and Absence Management
  • PeopleSoft Configurable Frameworks in HCM – Learn about the important new configurable frameworks available to help your organization reduce or replace existing customizations
  • PeopleSoft Profile Management – The heart & soul of your talent management – Learn about all the enhancements that have recently been made available for Profile Management and how you can leverage them to better track the skills and competencies of your employees
  • PeopleSoft Human Resources Roadmap – A review of the new features and roadmap items for PeopleSoft HR
  • PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Roadmap:  Payroll is More Important Than Ever – A review of the new features, roadmap items, compliance, and tax updates impacting PNA customers
  • PeopleSoft Test Framework Panel Discussion – Learn how other customers have leveraged the PeopleSoft Test Framework to test their PeopleSoft system
  • PeopleSoft HCM Panel Session – Come to this session with the questions you have for the PeopleSoft HCM Strategy team
  • PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions Fireside Chat – Participate in a discussion of what is new with PeopleSoft Recruiting Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway
  • PeopleSoft Health & Safety Overview – Learn what is new with the Employee Self Service and administrative enhancements for PeopleSoft Health & Safety
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) Overview – Learn what is new with ELM and planned for the roadmap, including the delivery of Kibana analytics
  • What’s new with Position Management in PeopleSoft – Learn what new functionality is available and planned for Position Management
  • Forum for PeopleSoft Canadian Payroll – A discussion about changes happening with Canadian Payroll


All the sessions listed above are designed to keep you up to date on what is the latest functionality in PeopleSoft and how you can get the most out of your PeopleSoft investment in the product.


If you want to know more about what is new with Reconnect this year and what the user experience will be like attending sessions using the Quest Reconnect virtual conferencing tool, take a look at this orientation video



Looking forward to seeing you and your teams at Reconnect!