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    March 10, 2020

Now is the Time to Pushback Supplier Contract Approvals

Guest Author

PeopleSoft’s Supplier Contract Management module provides a centralized contract clause library, which allows organizations to Author, Approve via configurable workflow rules, supports digital signature integration to Adobe and DocuSign, Manages Documents and Amendments, Preserves legal documents between their Supplier and Organization.  The Centralized Contract Clause library guarantees consistent legal language is being used throughout your organization.  During document creation, the standardized and approved contract clauses are used to help build the Supplier Contract or legal document. 


The Contract Clause and Document approval processes are completely separate but they are both highly configurable to meet the needs of any organization.  With the recent release of PeopleSoft’s Update Image 35, they just became more powerful.  Approvers can leverage Pushback action. The Pushback Approval action returns a transaction to the previous approval step. Rather than denying the entire transaction, approvers can easily reroute the approval to make corrections or provide more information.  Pushback action will save your organization a significate amount of time in completing approvals for both Contract Clause and Documents.


Organizations can simply activate the Pushback action without impacting existing transactions in the approval process.  To grant Pushback capabilities, simply check the Pushback option on the set-up page for Clause and Document Approval Transactions.


The image below illustrates the simplicity to enable support for this new functionality.

You can watch a video on 'Fluid Approval for Pushback Supplier Documents' below:


Before deploying this new functionality, please consider the following:

  1. Confirm the Approval Transaction Configuration contains a Pushback Event for both Clause and Document and is configured to meet your organization's needs.
  2. Review the Generic Templates for Clause and Document Pushback to ensure the proper template variables and verbiage meets your organization's specifications.
  3. Finally, validate using suitable test cases to ensure expected behavior for both new and existing approvals.



Now is the time for your organization to improve approval efficiencies by using the Pushback Approval action.  It’s simple to activate, it’s user-friendly, and there is no impact on pending approvals. 


Author - Bob Block

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