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Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image#35 release and the list of features that stand out

Tadipatri Sudarsan
Product Strategy Manager

FSCM Update Image#35 has gone Generally Available (GA) on March 20 and this one is the first image to utilize PeopleTools 8.58. Like any other PUM image, it contains several fixes for the bugs and many important new functional enhancements.


Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.


If you haven’t paid attention to PI#35 here are some highlights:

Delegation Framework

This enhancement was introduced in Image 33 and additional enhancements are added in this Image. Users can now choose to delegate or authorize another person to serve as his or her representative when working with approval transactions. The delegation framework supports upward delegation, downward delegation, and lateral delegation.


Page and Field Configurator – Data Masking

The Page and Field Configurator has been enhanced to support Data Masking, additively apply sequences, and multi-select of page fields. Using Page and Field Configurator, you can create a Masking profile and choose which fields to mask in a page or a sub-page. The enhancement allows you to choose multiple fields at the same time.


Billing: Add WTH to BI_LINE after credit invoice

Expanded the Billing Adjustment feature for a government contract associated bill, to create a withholding analysis type (WTH) to represent a credit bill adjustment that has been added to a withholding line. In addition, Billing creates a withholding release analysis type (WRL) to represent credit and rebill adjustment that has been added to a withholding release line.


Expenses: Need Cash Advance Accounting Details to be Editable

Enhanced the Cash Advance feature by adding the Accounting Details grid to the Cash Advance transaction pages. The Privilege Template is used to control employee and approver access to the Accounting Details grid for editing if needed.


General Ledger:

Enhanced General Ledger to retain approval history for Denied Journals.

Enhanced the Structure Change Request to include additional configurable fields to expand configurable questionnaire.

Enhanced the WorkCentre to include a link to “Journals Not Yet Posted in Current Period”. This link accesses journal that is not posted and has a journal date after the current open period begin date.


Payables: Archive in high volume environment

Enhanced the Payables Payment Archive process and Voucher Archive process by creating a Pre-Processing Application Engine and Post-Processing Application Engine for the Archive Selection Process. This modifies the Archive Queries to be less complex and more efficient when processing high volumes of data.


Asset Management: Enhanced Spreadsheet Data Import

Added new spreadsheet import templates to support the import asset data by spreadsheet feature. New templates include InterUnit Transfer, Re-categorization, and Cost Adjustment.


Maintenance Management: Associate Multiple Service Requests to a Work Order

Enhanced the Service Request process to allow the association of multiple, related service requests to a single work order. When the work order is complete, the status of all associated service requests is automatically updated to ‘Completed.’


Contracts: Extend Manager Transaction Review to Recognize Revenue on Transactions Not Yet Approved for Billing

Enhanced the Contract General feature by providing an option on the contract to allow revenue recognition on project costing transactions that have not yet been approved for billing. The Manager Transaction Review feature is also enhanced to allow project costing transactions to be approved for billing if the revenue has already been processed.


Supplier Contract Management: Fluid Approval - Pushback of Supplier Documents

Enhanced the Approval process to include the Push back functionality for Supplier Contract Clause and Documents in both Classic and Fluid Approvals. An approver can use this functionality to push the request back to the previous approver for review. The previous approver can edit the request and resubmit it for approval.


Oracle releases YouTube video of every Update Image for the benefit of users to view new enhancements which could be of immense value to the customers. Below is an Image Highlight video on PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 35:


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