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Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image#34 release and the list of features that stand out

Tadipatri Sudarsan
Product Strategy Manager

PeopleSoft FSCM Image#34 has gone GA on December 19th. Like any other PeopleSoft FSCM Image update, it contains several bug fixes and many important new functional enhancements.

Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.


If you haven’t paid attention to PI#34 here are some highlights:

Expenses - Fluid Time Reports

Time Entry pages have been enhanced by converting JQuery to PeopleTools Fluid user interface. PeopleSoft Expense users can use the Fluid Time Entry user interface to quickly and intuitively submit the project and personal time on any mobile device, laptop or desktop. The Fluid user interface detects the device and renders the Time Entry pages in an easy-to-use set of pages to record daily, weekly, bi-weekly time for various activities.


General Ledger - Strengthen Projected Balances Prior to Journal Post

The 'Projected Balance' page has been enhanced to show projected amounts for projected balance for the same ChartField combination. The combined balance is calculated by combining the amounts for all journal lines and then deducting/adding the ledger amount.


Treasury - Extend Financial Gateway Security

Added capability to leverage the security functionality in 'Financial Gateway' for the Parse Statement Addenda page.


Asset Management - Fluid approvals for Mass Transaction Manager

Enhanced 'Asset Management' functionality to deliver fluid approvals for Mass Transaction Manager using the Fluid Approvals framework. This feature allows you to view asset mass transactions, interface line summary, and line detail information. You can also approve or deny a mass transaction.


Delete Obsolete Spreadsheet Import Templates

Enhanced 'Import Data' via the Spreadsheet component to delete outdated or unused spreadsheet import templates.


Grants - Modify Project Team End Dates

'Modify End Dates' page has been enhanced to include Project Team end dates providing a more comprehensive update for the date-related attributes associated with a Project.


Display Commitment Control Dates on Award Profile

Enhanced 'Award Profile' page to display the Commitment Control begin and end dates.


SRM - Send Supplier Evaluation Results for Review

Enhancement of the 'Manage and Post results' feature to share evaluation results with reviewers via email. The email contains a link to view the evaluation results as long as the reviewer has proper access permissions.

For Released evaluations, this option is available only if the evaluation score is not adjusted, and all evaluation questions have at least one scored response. For Posted evaluations, the Send For Review option allows a user to view the supplier evaluation results, even if the user does not have access to the score carding Analytics or the Manage Evaluations components.


Supplier Contract Management - Supporting Rest API's for Adobe Sign

The digital signature set up for Adobe Sign has been enhanced so as to use REST APIs to manage document signing from Supplier Contracts.


ePro impact of enhancing Par Location Replenishment to use Req Loader

Enhancing of the Par Location Replenish process to use the Requisition Loader to create the replenishment requisitions. You can now use the Requisition Loader Defaults Overrides and Options when creating requisitions. This allows you to include options like Source to Inventory, Default Contracts on Requisition, and so on.


Inventory - Enhance Par Location Replenishment to Interface with Req Loader

Enhanced the Par Location Replenishment process while creating Requisition Lines. Instead of using the Replenishment COBOL process, the Create Par Location Replenishment Requests process use Requisition Loader for creating requisitions for non-stock items. The Requisition Details tab on the Review Par Location Count page displays the Requisition Loader status (Processed, Ready, or Error) and Requisition ID created for the item.


The aim of this blog post is to showcase something special that is hidden in this PI#34. Here comes the most precious functionality “Requester Inquiry Chatbot Skill.”

This Image release contains eProcurement Requester Inquiry Skill chatbot which is completely new. The Requester Inquiry Skill chatbot assists eProcurement users when inquiring about the status of a requisition line by entering an Item ID (full or part) or Item Description to search against the open requisition lines. A list of requisition lines matching the search term is displayed. The details of a requisition line can include its schedules and associated Purchase order information.

Now you can empower your requestors to use Chatbot for requisition inquires. I encourage you to further explore this new technology feature extended to Enterprise application by Peoplesoft.


Oracle releases YouTube video of every PeopleSoft Image for the benefit of users to view new enhancements which could be of immense value to the customers.

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