You asked, we listened: A look back at a few of the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses Features Released in 2023

March 28, 2024 | 4 minute read
Charlotte Jorgenson
Senior Director, Product Strategy
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PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses made many feature updates during 2023 with three Images…PI-47, PI-48, and PI-49. Some of these features were only made available in the Fluid user interface and not in the classic version of the Expense Report.

That said, we believe the hottest and most widely appreciated Travel and Expenses features of 2023 fell into two categories: improved user efficiencies and tighter integration with other FSCM modules.

Closing the Loop with Accounts Payable escheatment:

Escheatment is the process of transferring unclaimed property to the state.

For the PeopleSoft Expenses system, this can mean uncashed expense or cash advance payments to employees or contractors that have been ‘unclaimed’ for a long period of time.

Prior to PeopleSoft Update Image 48, when a payment was escheated in Accounts Payable, the Expenses system was unaware of the transaction.

With PeopleSoft Update Image 48, the updated Process Expenses run control page now checks the Accounts Payables system for any escheated Expenses payments.

Travel exp pic1
Expenses Processing page with new option to search for and process AP escheated payments

The system then generates accounting entries to reverse the liability in Expenses and updates the status of the Expense Report Header to indicate the payment was escheated.

We also close the loop in Accounts Payable by updating the Accounts Payable payment record to indicate the Expenses system has recognized the escheatment by setting the Post Cancel status to Posted.

Travel exp pic2
Query results showing updated escheated status for an AP check for Expenses reimbursement


No more guesswork for Start and End Address format for GPS mileage calculations:

The Expenses system has the option to leverage the Oracle Maps functionality providing mapping, geocoding and routing capabilities similar what you can find on many commercial online mapping services.

Prior to PeopleSoft Update Image 48, you needed to guess through trial and error to determine the starting and ending point address formats before it could find a match in order to calculate the mileage. In PeopleSoft Update Image 48, Oracle Maps now auto-fills or suggests a location address as the start or end point as you begin typing in the information.

As you begin entering your point-to-point driving information, the system suggests addresses and locations for you to choose that matches your trip. The Oracle Maps functionality presents options to help you find the nearest match to your start and end point.

You no longer have to type in a full address, specifically formatted for the system to recognize.

You can also enter points of interest such as a building, airport or airport code or any geographic location information. Once you click the Calculate GPS Distance button, the system calculates your mileage, and the reimbursement amount appears.

Travel exp pic3
Starting and Ending Points and calculated mileage results on the Expense Report


Oops! I accidently created an Expense Report for myself, rather than one of my delegates!

In the past, if you were a proxy and could create Expense Reports and Travel authorizations on behalf of others, you may have inadvertently created one of those documents for yourself when you did not mean to. In PeopleSoft Update Image #49, we enhanced the Create Expense Report page flow for delegates who create expense reports on behalf of another employee. A new selection page was added to the beginning of the process where the delegate must select themselves or another employee before accessing the Expense Report page. This avoids the possibility of accidently creating expense reports for the wrong person.

If the Installation Option Prompt for Employee ID is checked, mistakes can be avoided by presenting a new page for the employee search rather than simply defaulting to the current UserID. If the Expense Report is for themselves, they simply click the Create for Self button and continue with Expense Report creation. If it is for one of their delegates, they can simply search and select that Employee and return to the Expense Report Header page.

Travel exp pic4
New search page for a Proxy to select an Employee or themselves for Expense Report creation


We have listened to your feedback and taken Ideas from the Idea Space to create some of the most requested Travel and Expense features released in 2023. It is clear these small but impactful advancements represent steps forward in simplifying expense management for your users. By embracing these innovations, you can streamline your processes, improve accuracy, and help their employees become more efficient.

Charlotte Jorgenson

Senior Director, Product Strategy

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