Heads up! WSRP will be deprecated soon

August 23, 2022 | 1 minute read
Greg Kelly
Product Strategy Director - Security
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PeopleTools is intending to deprecate support for WSRP in PeopleTools 8.60.

“deprecate” here means that PeopleSoft will support and fix bugs in WSRP but there will be no new development.

WSRP will be de-supported in a release after PeopleTools 8.60.

“de-supported” here means that PeopleSoft will remove all WSRP code from PeopleTools.

If you currently rely on WSRP, you should open a Service Request with Oracle support and document your business impact.


For some additional background on WSRP, please refer to the following PeopleBooks documentation:

Understanding WSRP


Implementing WSRP Protocol Scenario


Understanding Use of WSRP to Consume and Produce Remote Portlets




Greg Kelly

Product Strategy Director - Security

I joined PeopleSoft in 1998. In Oracle I am now with the PeopleTools Strategy team with responsibility for PeopleTools security, the security of PeopleSoft in the broader enterprise, Enterprise Manager plug-in for PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Health Center, PeopleSoft Performance Monitor, PeopleSoft Data Archiving Manager and other bits and pieces!!

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