What happens if a PeopleTools delivered version of ELK is no longer supported by Elastic?

August 19, 2022 | 1 minute read
Sasank Vemana
Director, PeopleTools Product Management
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We often get this question from customers concerned about the end of life dates posted by Elastic - the company that provides Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (a.k.a. ELK). The answer is nothing.

Even though we use the open source version of the ELK stack, customers do not rely on Elastic from a delivery standpoint - for download, installation, or support. In fact, customers must install the version of ELK that we package and deliver.

Why do we mandate this? Because we add our plugins to ELK to facilitate the integration with PeopleSoft, which includes (amongst other things) security for search data access control and the ability to embed analytics in the user interface.

It is important to remember that we take a version of ELK, add our plugins, package, and ship that as part of PeopleTools. Currently, customers install Elasticsearch and Kibana using the ELK DPK (Deployment Package). Since we package and ship ELK, we support it through the lifetime of that PeopleTools release. Consequently, this also means we provide any updates and patches necessary for ELK as part of PeopleTools (ELK DPK).

From a PeopleSoft perspective, worrying about the Elastic end of life dates is unnecessary. However, it is incredibly important to stay current on your PeopleTools!

Find out more on staying current on your PeopleTools and ELK DPKs.

Sasank Vemana

Director, PeopleTools Product Management

Oracle/PeopleSoft Enthusiast, Developer, Architect, Strategist, Advocate

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