View By Period and Other Fluid Timesheet Enhancements

March 6, 2023 | 3 minute read
Lisa Chow
Product Management Director
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The Enter Time page, aka the Fluid Timesheet, has been evolving since it was originally delivered in Image 25, in January 2018. We have delivered numerous enhancements like:

  • Quick-Fill - which helps a time reporter to quickly fill in their time details with saved values
  • Manager Self-Service with the ability to approve time right on the timesheet
  • Absence Integration that allows you to report an absence from the timesheet
  • Displaying time details directly on the Enter Time page rather than in a modal window

In Image 45 we delivered several customer enhancement requests to the Fluid Timesheet that make it even easier to use.  This is an illustration of all the changes that we made:

We started by moving the calendar controls to the left to be consistent with other Time and Attendance pages.  The View By field was added on the top right. Time reporters can now choose to either display the timesheet by week or by period. If they show it by period, and the period is longer than a week, it will normally require scrolling to the right to view all the days.  The default for this field can be set using the Default Timesheet Display option in the Time and Labor Preferences page in My Preferences.


Knowing that viewing a period at a time may cause the time reporter to have to scroll through the days we have introduced a couple of enhancements to make that easier.  We froze the left-hand columns, the columns up through the Delete button, and moved the Add and Delete row buttons to the left of the days.

Row totals have also been added in response to requests on the Ideas Lab page.

The overall design has been lightened by the removal of unnecessary lines around the days, which has improved the alignment of the day headers and the time entry fields in various browsers.

The last change that we made was to move Related Actions and Comments to the PeopleTools framework.  This gives customers the ability to configure the related actions they want to display to time reporters.

If your organization wants to keep it to viewing a week at a time, like this:

You will need to go to the Time and Labor Installation page and make sure that the Show Elapsed Timesheet by Week is turned on:

The Fluid Timesheet continues to be enhanced to meet the needs of our customers and make time entry easier for the time reporters.  This isn’t the first change, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Lisa Chow

Product Management Director

Lisa Chow is the Oracle PeopleSoft Product Management Director within the Strategy organization focusing on the Time and Labor, Absence Management and Compensation products.  She has 25 years of experience in Strategy and Consulting roles and over 28 years of experience with the PeopleSoft product. 

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