Unlock Supplier Success: Performance Metrics at your fingertips with our PeopleSoft Supplier Insight Dashboard

April 2, 2024 | 3 minute read
Bob Block
Product Management Director
Balasubramanian Keerthivasan
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Our new Supplier Insights Dashboard application, delivered in PeopleSoft Update Image #49, can help you maximize your supplier management strategy.  With this tool, you can say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and gain valuable insights into supplier performance across various categories, including quality, delivery, pricing, responsiveness to purchase order acknowledgments and sourcing events.

By analyzing supplier performance, you can optimize supplier relationships, drive efficiency, and quickly understand whether a supplier is meeting established service-level agreements.  Our Insights dashboard provides you with actionable analytics by mining information from the Purchasing and Inventory modules to create a series of visualizations or a Supplier "Report Card."

Often, organizations are unaware of whether their relationship with a supplier is beneficial for both parties.  With the Supplier Insights Dashboard, you can view historical and current activity around key indicators you may want to measure, which may aid in reaching better pricing and terms when renewing an existing contract.

The "Report Card" provides analytics, including measurement in both volume amounts and quantities of purchase orders generated from various purchasing business units and ship-to locations.  This can provide visibility into which business units have high or low volumes and help you decide to balance the workload or provide more resources in the high-volume areas.

The visualizations provided with the Supplier Performance Insight:

  • Number of Purchase Orders Dispatched by Buying Organization
  • Value of Purchase Orders Dispatched by Buying Organization
  • Number of Purchase Orders Dispatched by Ship To Location
  • Value of Purchase Orders Dispatched by Ship To Location
  • Pending and Past Due Purchase Orders by Supplier
  • Pending and Past Due Purchase Orders by Ship-To Location
  • Delivery Performance Analysis by Supplier
  • Delivery Performance Analysis by Ship-To Location
  • Value of Rejections and Returns by Supplier
  • Value of Rejections and Returns by Ship To Location
  • Value of PO Trend Activity by Supplier
  • POA Response Against Service Level Agreements by Supplier
  • Number of POAs Pending and Overdue by Supplier
  • Number of POAs by Acknowledgement Status by Supplier

If you want to ensure that your suppliers are meeting the agreed-upon service levels mentioned in their contracts, you can check if they are providing the services within the specified time frame. For example, your supplier might have committed to acknowledge your purchase order or change order within a particular period, like minutes, hours, or days. You can use the "Purchase Order Response per Service Level Agreement" chart in Insight to determine how often your supplier met this commitment. By comparing multiple suppliers providing the same commodity, you can determine which supplier best meets the service level agreement and direct more business their way.

POA Response#1
POA Response Against SLAs

You have the option to assess the quality of goods provided by one or more suppliers by referring to the Insight visualization called "Value of Rejections and Returns by Supplier".  This visualization provides a quick overview of the suppliers who had the highest and lowest number of rejections or returns during your chosen review period. This information can help you decide whether or not to continue doing business with suppliers that are not providing high-quality products.  You can also use this data as evidence of poor service when speaking with your supplier or renegotiating a contract, which can help encourage them to improve their quality of service.

POA Response#2
Value of Shipment Rejections and Returns by Supplier

As you embark on your journey to improve supplier management, always remember that knowledge is power.  With our Insights Dashboard, you have the necessary tools to transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and build strategic supplier partnerships. Take advantage of this opportunity to revolutionize your approach, streamline operations, and maximize profitability.  Your ultimate goal is to achieve supplier success and move your organization toward a future of unparalleled efficiency and excellence.  By leveraging the power of PeopleSoft Insights, you can unlock the full potential of your supplier relationships.

Bob Block

Product Management Director

Balasubramanian Keerthivasan

Senior Principal Product Manager

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