Unleashing the Power of PeopleSoft Performance Management in Your Organization While Getting ready for PeopleSoft Recognition

November 28, 2023 | 3 minute read
Jeremy Pelley
Product Strategy Director
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Back in March I wrote a blog titled 5 things you don’t want to Miss in Fluid Performance Management which was the culmination of over a years’ worth of work and investment that Oracle put into PeopleSoft Performance Management (ePerformance) to bring it to a modern and more user friendly place.  Since March we have continued to invest in Performance Management, and we are looking forward to a new feature coming to HR in the coming year called Recognition.


First let’s talk about Performance Management.  PeopleSoft released fluid Performance Management in January of 2023 with HCM Image 45.  Soon after we released performance insights in a PeopleSoft Release Patchset (PRP) and later included them in the May 2023 HCM Image 46 release.  Since that time, we have continued our investment in Image 47 by giving you Fluid Business Objectives as well as a much-requested enhancement that allows you to configure the system to accept attachments during the track progress steps of the review.  With these changes there is so much value in implementing PeopleSoft Fluid Performance Management.  While we will continue to support classic Performance Management until December of 2025, we don’t plan on adding any enhancements or capabilities to the classic ePerformance functionality moving forward. 

Performance Evaluation

In the world of Performance Management, the ability to capture constant feedback is the key to performance reviews that are meaningful.  Having a performance conversation once a year is at best a last-century practice.  Some companies have gone as far as removing performance reviews all together, while other organizations are looking for ways to use constant feedback and tie it into a yearly culmination.    Employees and managers alike often despise the appraisal process.  One reason is because they are spending hours, if not days, trying to remember things from nine, ten, or even twelve months ago. Thus, in comes our new feature Recognition to bring in those forgotten accomplishments.


PeopleSoft Recognition adds on to the already present constant feedback that exists inside of Performance Management.  By using Recognition employees across the organization can identify other employees for what they are currently doing to make a difference in your company.  Managers can recognize their team members and document current achievements that can later be pulled into a performance review.


PeopleSoft Recognition will be coming in 2024, but there are things you can start doing to get ready.  If you are a PeopleSoft ePerformance customer, you will need to update to fluid Performance Management to take advantage of the integration with PeopleSoft Recognition. Furthermore, if you want to use notifications with PeopleSoft recognition you will want to uptake notification composer. 


We have a number of videos and blogs to get you started. Review the Performance Management video and blog.  For more information about Notification Composer, check out this video and blog.


Be ready to recognize your employees and their daily contributions online starting in 2024.

Jeremy Pelley

Product Strategy Director

Jeremy has worked in corporate applications for over 20 years with a concentration in and around HCM and ERP.  Jeremy currently fills the role of Product Management Director for Oracle working on the PeopleSoft HCM/ELM product team.  Jeremy is the primary strategist on PeopleSoft's Onboarding/Off Boarding, Profile Management, Position Management, Performance Management (ePerformance), Employee Snapshot, PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) as well as PeopleSoft's use of Oracle Guided Learning (OGL). Jeremy has worked in various roles throughout his career including; application director, application architecture, HR business process consulting, implementation consultant, as well as system administration and development. Jeremy has a true passion for what is possible with a truly integrated system and feels that organizations can increase productivity and employee engagement as well as effectiveness when systems are implemented correctly. Jeremy is a proponent of integrated systems rather than best of breed mentalities and has found that the devil is truly in the details when working to get systems to communicate and stay in sync. His passion for years has been HCM systems and Talent Management Systems in particular. Having worked with the complete Human Capital Management product line and implemented products such Learning Management, Absence Management, Talent Acquisition Management, Benefits, Time and Labor, Position Management, and NA Payroll. 

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