PeopleSoft Chat - Ep 13: What matters most to PeopleSoft customers in State and Local Governments

September 3, 2021 | 1 minute read
Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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In this podcast, listen to Robbin Velayedam and Tracy Sewell, Employee Benefits Manager at County of Ventura and President of the Oracle Public Sector User Group discuss the priorities for State and Local Government PeopleSoft customers.


You can access the full episode below.

If you would like to download this episode, you can do so by accessing the file here.

During the course of the podcast, one excerpt which I found worthy to take a note of is when Tracy talks about the benefits of Page and Field Configurator. Here’s how it goes “…Lately with the introduction of drop zones and Page and field configurator [we are] able to configure the system easily, I think that's a big deal for Public Sector. [As we] are dealing with labor contracts that can sometimes be very difficult to actually roll out the pieces of the contract. Being able to configure the system easily is helpful and I think that's why Public Sector organizations are attracted to PeopleSoft.”

There are more such insights shared between Tracy and Robbin in the course of the discussion. Some of which include steps taken to evaluate and move to Cloud, importance of Public Sector organizations collaborating and sharing experiences through Public Sector User Groups, etc.

Vaseem Khan

Principal Product Manager/Strategy

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