Texting - The new way to connect to PeopleSoft Employee Directory Assistant!

August 13, 2020 | 2 minute read
Samidha Rege
Principal Product Manager
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PeopleSoft has added text channel access to its chatbot repertoire!

You can now interact with Employee Directory Assistant chatbot using text application (SMS) on your mobile device.


Why text channel?

Text or SMS services are widely used messaging applications. They are easy to use, especially for quick look-ups and simple inquiries. Simply text your question to a phone number connected to your chatbot for prompt responses on-the-go.


Employee Directory Assistant using text channel

The latest version of Employee Directory Assistant chatbot is enhanced to be accessed from PeopleSoft application as well as text application. So now, this chatbot can be used from either or both – web and text applications.

Irrespective of the point of access, the chatbot supported features remain the same. You can send a text asking for Profile Information, Job Title, Business Address, Email Address, Phone, Manager, and Direct Report for any employee in your organization.


As you can see from above, chatbot responses and interactions are modeled to simulate the texting features.

Refer PeopleSoft Online Help for complete documentation of Employee Directory Assistant using text channel.


How does a PeopleSoft chatbot work with a text channel?

When you send a text to the phone number to start an interaction, Employee Directory Assistant chatbot prompts you to authenticate using PeopleSoft credentials. From there on, the conversation with the chatbot proceeds as you would text any other person.

PeopleSoft chatbots using text application medium needs a Twilio number. Refer ODA with Twilio/SMS channel to understand how Twilio number is registered in Oracle Digital Assistant to connect to the PeopleSoft chatbot.

Chatbot Integration Framework provides the supporting mechanism for authentication and data flow between PeopleSoft, Twilio, and Oracle Digital Assistant. This integration allows PeopleSoft chatbots - delivered or custom, to be accessed using Twilio based text application with minimal enhancements.

Note that Employee Directory Assistant can be accessed using text application (SMS) as well as web-based access within the PeopleSoft application.

Refer to PeopleSoft Online Help - Creating Channel for prerequisites and step by step information to implement chatbots using Twilio based text channel.

This chatbot is delivered in HCM Update Image 35 as well as PeopleSoft Skill Store in ODA. Read PeopleSoft chatbots on Skill Store for more information.


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Samidha Rege

Principal Product Manager

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