No manual maintenance required for manager access to direct reports in PeopleSoft Time and Labor

December 4, 2023 | 3 minute read
Lisa Chow
Product Management Director
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Time and Labor has always used its own dynamic group security to give both managers and administrators access to time reporters. This has required maintenance when managers or time reporters move or leave the organization.

In Image 47 you will see a set of pages in the Team Time Direct Reports navigation collection that can be accessed by a manager and will only show the manager their direct and indirect reports. The list of Time and Labor pages includes: Enter Time, Time Summary, Report Time, Weekly Time Entry, Weekly Time Summary, Payable Time, and Leave/Comp Time. Absence Management Manager Self Service (MSS) pages are also included.

The security for this navigation collection has changed from using Time and Labor’s dynamic group security to using Direct Reports Access. Direct Reports Access is a framework that uses set definitions of who is a direct/indirect report to allow access to time reporters. There are seven different delivered definitions that can be used:

  • by Department Manager ID
  • by Dept Security Tree
  • by Group ID
  • by Part Posn Mgmt Dept Mgr ID
  • by Part Posn Mgmt Supervisor
  • by Reports to Position
  • and by Supervisor ID

There is a process (HR_DRPT_BLD) that can be scheduled to run, usually nightly, to update tables to aid performance.  Chances are if you are already using some MSS functionality you are already running this process.

You can control what appears on the search page with the Direct Reports Configuration.  The configuration is specified on a component basis and you can set up processing rules and the fields that are displayed on the search page.

There are a couple of other changes that managers will see besides the security change. There is a new tile for this navigation collection named Team Time Direct Reports. The new tile can exist on the same homepage as the original Team Time tile.

You may have managers who should have access to their direct and indirect reports and also have the need to access the direct reports of other managers.  In this case you can use the Team Time tile to give them access to the direct reports of other managers through the traditional dynamic group security while also giving them access to their own direct/indirect reports through the Team Time Direct Reports tile.

The search page itself has also changed and now resembles other MSS components, with two additional fields; Hours to be Approved, and Exceptions.

Another benefit of this new navigation collection is that when a manager goes between a Time and Labor page and an Absence page within the navigation collection the employee ID and employee record number will be remembered, eliminating the need to search for the employee again.

The Team Time Direct Reports navigation collection is the answer for your managers that need access to their direct and indirect reports, relieving you of maintenance responsibility for them.

More information on Direct Reports functionality can be found in PeopleBooks under Configuring Direct Reports Functionality. To watch a video on this feature go to PeopleSoft Direct Reports Fluid Time Pages.

Lisa Chow

Product Management Director

Lisa Chow is the Oracle PeopleSoft Product Management Director within the Strategy organization focusing on the Time and Labor, Absence Management and Compensation products.  She has 25 years of experience in Strategy and Consulting roles and over 28 years of experience with the PeopleSoft product.