Staying Current on PeopleTools - 2023 edition

March 29, 2023 | 1 minute read
Greg Kelly
Product Strategy Director - Security
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As we see another PeopleTools release come to the end of life, it’s a good time to remind all PeopleSoft users the importance of staying on a supported PeopleTools release.  The last CPU patch for PeopleTools 8.58 will be released in April 2023 and no additional patches/fixes for 8.58 will be available.  

Review Dave Bain's timeless post on the importance of staying current on PeopleTools releases here:

Additionally review the PeopleTools considerations for PeopleSoft Applications on Sustaining Support here:
Lifetime Support Summary for PeopleSoft Releases (Doc ID 2238983.2) > PeopleTools Support Summary (tab) > PeopleTools Considerations for PeopleSoft Applications on Sustaining Support (page)


Greg Kelly

Product Strategy Director - Security

I joined PeopleSoft in 1998. In Oracle I am now with the PeopleTools Strategy team with responsibility for PeopleTools security, the security of PeopleSoft in the broader enterprise, Enterprise Manager plug-in for PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Health Center, PeopleSoft Performance Monitor, PeopleSoft Data Archiving Manager and other bits and pieces!!

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