Shopping for Benefit Plans has just gotten easier for the Employee with the Benefits Plan Comparison feature

July 25, 2022 | 5 minute read
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
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Employees can now utilize the Benefits Plan Comparison feature to shop for the benefits plan that best meets their needs during an enrollment event. No need to transfer them out to another link or provide paper to compare plan information. The employee is offered a familiar consumer “side by side” comparison.

Delivered in Image 43, the Benefits Plan Comparison is highly configurable and can be used within any benefit plan type. Medical, Dental and Vision are the most common benefit plans, but you may want to use it to show comparisons of your Supplemental Life plans or highlight differences in the offerings of your Long Term Disability plans to your employees.  

The setup is relatively simple as you create a template of the sections and attributes that will be in the comparison, enter your distinctive data of each plan, and create footnotes if applicable.  You will find the Plan Comparison setup pages conveniently located on the Benefits WorkCenter.

The Comparison Definition page can be used to predefine the sections and attributes that will be used in the Comparison Template. We have actually created some of the most common sections and attributes for you as a starting point.


If you think of the side by side comparison in the same terms as comparing a purchase of a television, the sections and attributes would be equivalent to the screen size, resolution, product dimensions, cost, etc. Instead your benefits comparisons will be based on things like copays, out of pocket cost, pay period cost, and other items.  The sections and attributes are listed down the left hand side of the page and are completely configurable by you.

The Comparison Template page is an activity guide to step you through building the template.  Create your own User Instructions for a header or footer that are unique to your organizations and your Benefit Plan Type.


Use the Add Definitions step to bring in your predefined sections and attributes from the Comparison Definition page or create sections and attributes on the fly.


The Format Template step allows you to change the order of the sections and attributes and to decide if the section should be expanded or collapsed when the employee views the comparison. The Compare Plan Limit determines how many plans can be compared at one time. Our recommendation is three plans to minimize the horizontal scrolling especially on a phone.

The Preview step provides you with a quick visualization of how the template will look. Move between the Add Definitions, Format Template, and Preview steps as you continue to refine your template.  The last step is to Activate the template.

After you are happy with the template, then it is time to add in the data for each plan. You will need to map the Comparison Plan Template ID to the Plan Type within your Benefit Program Table.