Seriously, we must do employee reviews again?

November 9, 2022 | 3 minute read
Jeremy Pelley
Product Strategy Director
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Organizations go through the employee review or performance review process at different times during the year.  Some organizations tie the performance review to the anniversary date of the employee, while others tie it to either the calendar year or fiscal year of the organization.  No matter when you do employee reviews one thing seems to be commonplace, most people don’t enjoy the review process.


Experts agree on one thing when it comes to employee reviews.  Employee reviews should never be a surprise to the employee.  If your organization does a formal review process, employees should not learn things in the review process for the first time.  As a manager it is our job to make sure that employees have feedback on their performance in a timely manner that allows employees to correct prior to the formal review process.  According to SHRM one common perfomance rating error is the Recency effect.  When managers are not diligent in continuously measuring performance, providing feedback and documenting results, they often cannot remeber the earlier part of the performance period.  As a result, they weigh the most recent events too heavily.  We must get to a point where managers and employees are engaged in continuous feedback. Hence the trend for continuous feedback that has been taken place over the last decade according to an article published by SHRM in 2019 (Levit, Feb 2019), and is now considered common practice.

Performance MGMT

Starting with the General availability of PeopleSoft 9.2 we released checkpoints with PeopleSoft Performance Management (ePerformance).  Since that time, we have had feedback that checkpoints have become a way of life for many organizations, and they need more functionality to ensure they are tracking the data elements of the checkpoint in a way that is conducive to the conversation.  We will be releasing a new modern and fluid performance document as part of Performance Management.  With the new performance documents comes enhancements to checkpoints to allow more data elements to be tracked during the year.  Managers and employees will have the ability to track percentage complete on goals as well as update target completion dates.  Managers will also be able to rate competencies and goals to allow for clear feedback when discussing accomplishments during the year.

check point

Ultimately, the goal is that the review process becomes seamless and transparent.  Allowing for employees and managers to document the conversation throughout the year means there are no surprises at the end of the year.  The new functionality will be coming as part of an overall modernization of PeopleSoft’s Performance Management scheduled for release in 2023. 



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Jeremy Pelley

Product Strategy Director

Jeremy has worked in corporate applications for over 20 years with a concentration in and around HCM and ERP.  Jeremy currently fills the role of Product Management Director for Oracle working on the PeopleSoft HCM/ELM product team.  Jeremy is the primary strategist on PeopleSoft's Onboarding/Off Boarding, Profile Management, Position Management, Performance Management (ePerformance), Employee Snapshot, PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) as well as PeopleSoft's use of Oracle Guided Learning (OGL). Jeremy has worked in various roles throughout his career including; application director, application architecture, HR business process consulting, implementation consultant, as well as system administration and development. Jeremy has a true passion for what is possible with a truly integrated system and feels that organizations can increase productivity and employee engagement as well as effectiveness when systems are implemented correctly. Jeremy is a proponent of integrated systems rather than best of breed mentalities and has found that the devil is truly in the details when working to get systems to communicate and stay in sync. His passion for years has been HCM systems and Talent Management Systems in particular. Having worked with the complete Human Capital Management product line and implemented products such Learning Management, Absence Management, Talent Acquisition Management, Benefits, Time and Labor, Position Management, and NA Payroll. 

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