PeopleSoft Chat – Ep 16: What Customers in the Healthcare Industry are doing with PeopleSoft and the Cloud

March 2, 2023 | 1 minute read
Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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In this episode, listen to Robbin Velayedam and Ravi Inaganti, Director of Financial Systems at Temple University Health Systems advise PeopleSoft customers in healthcare on what to consider while moving to the Cloud.

The episode begins with Ravi talking about his unexpected path to working with  PeopleSoft and goes on to share his personal insights into the work culture of the healthcare industry.

The discussion also focuses on  how the COVID-19 pandemic put the healthcare administration into the spotlight and the need to modernize and automate  back office systems.

Ravi and Robbin also talked about the investments in PeopleSoft and the transition to Cloud options for customers.  As an outsider to the healthcare  industry, I learned about what Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft means to healthcare customers, why it is important to stay current with the PUM Images especially if a customer chooses to stay on-premise, and why  customizations should be considered for those customers who are planning to transition to Cloud.

You can access the full episode below.

If you would like to download this episode, you can do so by accessing the file here.

Vaseem Khan

Principal Product Manager/Strategy

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