Getting started with PUM Automated Merge using Change Assistant for application updates

June 28, 2023 | 7 minute read
Rohit Raj
Project Leader
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Did you know that Change Assistant has the merge feature from PeopleTools (PT) 8.57 as an independent feature?  (Surprised!!)


PUM Automated Merge feature was re-introduced in PT 8.59, but this time it was added as part of the PUM change package apply process.  This feature brings the capability to merge customized Peoplecode, SQL and XSLT objects in an automated way during your maintenance cycle (i.e. while applying the change package). You can control how the merge behaves since the merge is driven by a set of rules which can be modified or set by the admin/user to control the merge result.

Customers have different processes to deal with their customizations.  Typically, retrofitting or merging customizations was done manually by a PeopleSoft developer which is an iterative task. After applying or taking up the new updates, the retrofitting task would be done.  With the automated merge feature, Change Assistant can run merge automatically during apply job process, thus saving time and effort in the iterative process of retrofitting customizations.

In this blog post, I’ve provided steps on how you can configure and use the merge feature.

Setting up the environment

  1. In Change Assistant (tools version 8.59 or greater), configure the PUM Source database (8.59 or newer tools version) and add the target database. The target database, for example, can be your development database or a copy of production.
  2. Configure general options and PUM Source tab.
  3. Upload target database information to Image.


upload target information to image