Process Monitor: What's new in PeopleTools 8.59 and 8.60?

January 8, 2023 | 5 minute read
Aruna Devi Arasumani
Principal Software Engineer
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Process Monitor is used to monitor the status of scheduled or running processes/jobs after they are submitted.
The following filters on the Process Monitor page assist with displaying the Process list based on 

  • User ID
  • Process Type
  • Process Name
  • submitted within a particular Date Range or time period (All / Last n Minutes / Hours / Days / Years)
  • Server Name
  • Instance Range
  • Run Status
  • Distribution Status

To make it more user-friendly, the following new features have been incorporated in Process Monitor in PeopleTools 8.59 and 8.60:

Auto Update of Status Changes

In the past releases, the Refresh button needed to be clicked to get the latest process run and distribution status for any process instance. Now, with Auto Update functionality in PeopleTools 8.59, the run and distribution status will be automatically updated without needing to click on Refresh constantly.

Auto Update of Status Changes - Process List

The Process Details page provides detailed information on the process instance and the available update actions based on the current run and distribution status. Simply opening the Details page (even without clicking on the Process Monitor Refresh) will have the latest status information and the applicable actions enabled.

Process Detail of a Process Instance

Similar to the Process Monitor page, if you are on the Job List page, the run status of the job and job items will be automatically updated without clicking on Refresh.

Auto Update of Status Changes - Job List

New Related Actions Menu

The Process List on the Process Monitor page has a link to the Details page, which displays process information, Run Control details, Date/Time of process, links to Message Log, View Log/Trace, Parameters, Batch Timings, Transfer, and appropriate actions such as Hold, Queue, Cancel, Delete, Re-send, Re-start that can be performed on a scheduled process.

It will take multiple clicks for a user to view the Message Log or perform a Hold Request on the process instance. To make it easier, in PeopleTools 8.59, a new Related Actions link is provided with relevant links and actions. Users can directly navigate to the desired information or apply actions such as Hold/Delete/Restart/Cancel straight from the Process Monitor page!

New Related Actions Menu

Clear and Reset buttons

In PeopleTools 8.59, Clear and Restart buttons were introduced to work in conjunction with the Refresh button. The Clear button can clear all the filters resetting to default values. The Reset button can retrieve saved filter values from the database.

Clear button and Reset button

Server Name drop-down to show only the configured servers

Earlier, the Server Name drop-down in the System Process Requests page displayed configured and non-configured servers from the Server List configuration. This drop-down list is fixed to display the configured servers only. This will align with the existing Server List drop-down on the Process Monitor.

Server Name drop-down to show only the configured servers

All Filter Placement

By default, the Process Monitor displays process requests scheduled over the last day. When the ‘All’ option is selected, the time interval fields will be grayed out, and all process requests will be available. In PeopleTools 8.60, the All option is moved to the main Time Period Filter.

All Filter placement in main Time Period Filter

Displaying complete job details

Earlier, the Process Monitor only displayed the job instance for a scheduled job. The job items, like processes or nested jobs inside the job, can only be viewed by clicking on the Job Name (in a tree format). The individual job items can be viewed on the Process Monitor if filtered with Process Instances. However, users could not distinguish between individual processes and processes that are part of a job.

In PeopleTools 8.60, a process that is part of a job is also displayed as a hyperlink. The link will open the main job tree.

Process as a Job Item displayed as Link

Adding Run Control ID to Process List

In PeopleTools 8.60, Run Control ID is a column on the Process List!

Run Control ID in Process List

New Process Instance Range Link

PeopleTools 8.60 introduced a new Range link that works with the Instance filter.

New Instance Range Link

The Range link will provide users access to the Instance From and Instance To fields.

Instance From and To Fields


Aruna Devi Arasumani

Principal Software Engineer

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