You'll never miss an approval request when you can personalize your Approval alerts with the PeopleSoft Notification Composer

December 4, 2023 | 3 minute read
Murali Gururajan
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Are your employees sometimes unaware their approval queues are getting longer because they are busy with other tasks and forget to check what’s on their list of needed Approvals?

Are there some approvals that need immediate action, where a text message to the Approver’s phone may be the best way to alert them an approval is awaiting their review?

eMail, in application and text messages are now possible with FSCM Approval notifications. If allowed, your users now have choices of delivery methods and can decide how they wish to receive AWE approval notifications. This is made possible via a new Notification Composer Framework in PeopleSoft.

In case you were unaware, Notifications for various business events and documents in PeopleSoft have been in place for many years. Over time, PeopleTools has invested in expanding the technology and capabilities of notifications in Workflow, Trigger Business Events, Multi-Channel Framework, and Push Notifications. PeopleTools now has an extensive Notification Framework that provides organizations the ability to configure notifications, make notifications mandatory, and allow user personalization so they can control how these notifications are directed to them.

The Notification Composer Framework integrates with the PeopleTools Notification framework and allows the application to leverage the latest capabilities bringing email, In-App, or text as delivery methods for every system generated notification as well as the ability to configure and personalize notifications in the PeopleSoft application. 

P Composer pic1

P compsoer pic2
Figure 1: The user is allowed to personalize their notifications and selects the “In-App” notification for that specific approval.


With the adoption of Notification Composer, the applications are migrating away from older, less configurable technology for notifications that require coding. Notification Composer is the new centralized framework for creating and managing all your notifications within PeopleSoft applications that will help your organization define how to move a transaction through a business process flow, notify participants along the way, and track whether a task has been completed that needs to be reviewed, actioned, approved, or worked by users.


P compsoer pic3
Figure 2: This user has elected to have their approval notifications delivered “in apps”, with it appearing on their Homepage.


Notification Composer enables you to standardize your notifications and create your own Notification Events using Event Mapping to trigger the notification. You can also create your own notification to use with one of the applications delivered events by overriding the Notification Event. Notification Composer requires PeopleTools 8.59.19 or higher.


P compsoer pic4


The new notification composer capabilities for FSCM Approval alerts are a game-changer for ensuring efficient and streamlined approval notifications. With the flexibility to group Notifications and manage and configure the message content, we’ve provided more convenient options to choose between Notification Types (e.g., In-App, Email and Text).  With this flexibility and with the option of putting notification preferences in the hands of the employees, Notification collaboration has never been easier.

Notification Composer will be available within Enterprise Components in FSCM Update Image 49. For more information on Notification Composer, review the application Notification Composer Homepage document on My Oracle Support. Look for our FSCM Notification Composer Video Feature Overview that dives deeper into the details coming soon!

Murali Gururajan

Senior Principal Product Manager

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