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January 8, 2023 | 5 minute read
Shanki Vaidhya
Principal Software Engineer
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PeopleSoft Test Framework now delivers a new Test Recorder that enables users to record test scripts on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This new recorder is implemented using a browser-based extension and will be accessible to the user as a browser application. 



What makes the PeopleSoft Test Framework - New Recorder, newer and faster?

The Browser-based extension architecture of the New Recorder makes it faster and more accurate in terms of recording user's actions relative to the previous Internet Explorer based Test Recorder.  The new recorder comes with an improved UI and a better user experience when compared to the Internet Explorer based recorder.

Following are some of the key features of New Recorder:

  • When compared to the IE based recorder, a major difference you will find is that there is no toolbar for advanced recording options in the New Recorder.  In the IE recorder, users had to switch between the IE recorder window and the IE browser to use a drop down list to select and add advanced recording steps.  In the New Recorder, those same advanced options are now available as right-click context menu on the page being recorded. User can point to the required page element, right-click and use the context menu to add the required advanced recording option. With this feature, users can record any advanced option step without having to switch between the recorder and browser window.



  • Another example of better user experience is the recording of element properties for the advanced recording options.  For example, to add properties for the steps like Field.Exist, Get_Property, Verify, etc. the element properties are now made available on the PeopleSoft page, instead of popping-up another new window like the IE based recorder did. Below are a couple of examples for Div.Get_Property and Span.Exists.



  • In the IE based recorder, while recording, user could view one recorded step at a time on the recorder window and if any step properties had to be edited, user had to navigate using the left or right navigation icons.  In the New Recorder, all recorded steps are available in a grid form. User can scroll to view the entire test script and will have the entire context of the step.  To edit a step, user has to just select a step from the grid. A edit form appears dynamically based on the selected step, which makes it easy for a user to update step details and quickly save the changes. 



  • Recorder status indicator:

The indicator frame on the PeopleSoft pages will display the current state of recording with status strings (like. "Browser Hooked", "PTF is recording", "Recording Paused" etc.).


Few important features in the IE based recorder continue to exist in the New Recorder.  Below are some of those.

  • In the IE based recorder, user can set recorder settings that define the behavior of the recorder for certain actions.  The same settings are also available in the New Recorder. 


  • The IE based recorder provided an ability to pause and resume recording.  The New Recorder too has a convenient way to pause the recording and resume later within the current recording session. On resuming, it gives various resume recording options as shown below, similar to what was available in IE based recorder. 



  • In IE based recorder, an IE browser could be launched, login to PeopleSoft, navigate to a certain page and then hook the IE recorder to the browser to start recording.  A similar capability exists in the New Recorder too, but in this case the browser must be launched from the recorder window before navigating to the required page to start recording. 



For more information on New Recorder and its configuration, Please refer to:
PeopleBooks: Installing a PTF Client 

Tech Update – Oracle Enables Alternate Browsers for the PeopleSoft Test Framework Recorder (Doc ID 2834568.1)

Shanki Vaidhya

Principal Software Engineer