Oracle Extends Support for PeopleSoft, Maintains 10-Year Rolling Support

March 25, 2024 | 3 minute read
Rebekah Jackson
Vice President
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Oracle has once again announced the annual extension of support for PeopleSoft, maintaining the rolling 10 years of support that customers rely on.

  • The Lifetime Support Policy datasheet for Applications has been updated, reflecting all PeopleSoft continuous delivery releases remain supported for at least 10 years – now through at least 2035.
  • Oracle continues commitment to a rolling 10 years of support for PeopleSoft. We have extended support annually for the last six years, and will continue to do so until Oracle’s strategy and support for PeopleSoft changes.


Oracle’s predictable support model is the foundation that enables the PeopleSoft community to thrive. Customers are adopting new features, deploying new modules, making strategic investments to increase value while lowering costs, and adopting cloud technology and applications.


In the past twelve months, the PeopleSoft team has delivered significant, strategic new capabilities. The full list of all new features is available, as are highlight videos that provide more information on important deliveries, including:

  • PeopleTools 8.61
  • The new Notification Composer framework
  • A largely transparent transition to OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards
  • New HCM features like Fluid Person Data, the wholly redesigned Fluid Performance Management, and …
  • New FSCM features like eProcurement Guided Search with Weighted Sort, Fluid Work Centers for Assets, and …
  • Powerful analytic Insights for functions like Assets, Benefits, Commitment Control, Performance, and many, many more
  • The latest releases of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager with forecast recommendations and enhanced visualizations for auto-scaling middle tiers in OCI
  • Oracle Digital Assistant skills for Campus Solutions
  • Oracle Guided Learning Quick Guide Builder


Looking ahead, we’re proud to share that PeopleSoft continuous delivery will reach a golden milestone – shipping Update Image 50 for both HCM and FSCM. That’s 50 releases over the last 10 years for each product area, packed with new features and updates. Our product team is innovating. Right now, we’re working on:

  • New HCM features like pre-boarding, tuition reimbursement, a Fluid paycheck modeler, and job recommendations for applicants
  • New FSCM features like Fluid Work Centers for Procurement, Expenses, and Commitment Control, virtual credit card support, a Grants award dashboard, and integration to the Oracle Business Network
  • More Insights, including for areas like Job Data, Person Data, Onboarding, Lease Administration, Page and Field Configuration and even Lifecycle Management
  • Bringing PeopleSoft Insights into Work Centers and onto application pages
  • Providing a PeopleSoft Insights explorer, showing the hundreds of analytic dashboards and visualizations in a consolidated catalog
  • PeopleSoft Cloud Manager features like patch recommendations, custom actions, and the ability to have an automated, always-current PUM source
  • And exciting user interface updates that are already under way for PeopleTools 8.62



Learn More

See the list of all delivered features. Access videos on new releases, key features, strategic updates, and more.


The PeopleSoft Innovators program shows the features customers are adopting and shares insight on their transformation journeys. The 2024 Innovators announcement is coming soon – watch our video channel for updates.


The product roadmap always shows what we’re working on next. And join us at RECONNECT Live! at Blueprint 4D in May 8. At the event, you’ll hear the executive update on PeopleSoft’s investment strategy and product roadmaps, meet with the full PeopleSoft product strategy team, and network with fellow PeopleSoft customers.


Find all things PeopleSoft at | See Oracle’s commitment to Applications Unlimited – including PeopleSoft – see the Oracle Applications Unlimited page.

Rebekah Jackson

Vice President

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