Staying Fresh with Real-Time Indexing in PeopleSoft

November 28, 2022 | 3 minute read
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Charlie SinksThis blog post has been guest authored by Charlie Sinks, Principal Software Engineer at Andersen Corporation


Andersen Corporation, an international window and door manufacturer, has been a PeopleSoft HCM customer for over 25 years. With our adoption of Elasticsearch and Kibana, we have been taking advantage of delivered search indexes and analytics dashboards, as well as creating our own custom solutions. This has resulted in added complexity to our batch schedule as it was necessary to separately schedule incremental updates to keep each search index current.


With the adoption of Real-Time Indexing (RTI), which is delivered with PeopleTools 8.59, we were able to greatly simplify our batch schedule while making sure that all search indexes and Kibana dashboards always reflect current data. Indexes are now updated in real time based on changes to the underlying transactional data and no longer solely rely on periodic refreshes. 


As of this writing, Andersen is using RTI for four Oracle-delivered search indexes:

  • Job Data
  • Personal Data
  • Recent Search Keywords
  • Recent Menu Items


In addition, Andersen has deployed RTI for six custom search indexes, giving us up-to-date statistics on Integration Broker traffic as well as multiple e-form solutions. Combining Real-Time Indexing and Kibana analytics for e-forms gives Andersen's HR administrators and analysts up-to-date statistics on form usage, lifecycle, and a new way to search for and manage submitted e-forms.


Individual forms can be searched for using Global Search, and the analytics dashboards can be accessed using tiles on the homepage. The tiles display basic statistics and clicking on them opens more detailed dashboards. Some of the tiles can be seen here:

PeopleSoft RTI - Andersen Corporation


And here we can see more detailed analytics on one of the dashboards:

PeopleSoft RTI - Andersen Corporation


We have stopped producing batch reports on these statistics because, thanks to Real-Time Indexing, these dashboards are always fresh.


PeopleSoft Technology Innovator

Andersen Corporation has been identified as a PeopleSoft Feature Innovator for implementing Real-Time Indexing.





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