Exciting new features in PeopleTools 8.61 and Cloud Manager 17 - PeopleSoft NOW! Episode 4.3

March 11, 2024 | 3 minute read
Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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Back in January 2024, we came out with two important updates. We released Cloud Manager 17 followed with the release of PeopleTools 8.61. To sum up the content in this episode, you’ll get to learn from our PeopleSoft experts on what we've delivered in these two releases and how you can use it!


What makes this episode unique is that this episode doesn’t take the discussion approach between the host and guest but instead let the guests share their opinions on release of PeopleTools 8.61 and Cloud Manager 17. We also get to know about the major areas of investment in PeopleTools, as well as the features you should be using.


The content in this episode is mostly divided into 3 sections, guest takes turns to respond to each of the questions listed below:

  1. What feature they are most excited  for customers to use in PeopleTools 8.61.
  2. What do they think has been the most important area that Oracle PeopleSoft team has been investing  in over the past few PeopleTools releases.
  3. What do they think is the most underutilized PeopleTools feature that everyone should know about.


You can watch the full episode by clicking on the play button below…


Rebekah Jackson starts the episode giving a brief overview of what the episode is all about. Post this, the episode jumps straight into answering features the guest are most excited for customers to use in PeopleTools 8.61. Some of the features picked by the PeopleSoft experts that they are most excited about include sectionalized homepages, embedding PeopleSoft Insights in Fluid WorkCenters, container support for PeopleSoft, and improvements in search capabilities, etc.


In the next section, our guests share the most important area Oracle has been investing in over the past few PeopleTools releases. Some of the areas that they highlight include

  • The investment in search capabilities, including real-time indexing and external data integration, is an important area of focus.
  • The emphasis on configuration over customization, with features like Event Mapping and Configurable Search, helps address customization bottlenecks for customers.
  • The continuous focus on improving the overall user experience with PeopleTools releases.
  • The integration of data science and artificial intelligence technologies in Cloud Manager 17, along with autoscaling features, brings intelligence and automation to system management.


Our guests go on to answer some of the most underutilized PeopleTools features that everyone should know about:

  • The simplified usage of the Usage Monitor feature allowing for better customization management and maintenance planning based on usage data insights.
  • Notification enhancements, including the Notification Composer framework, provides improved notification preferences and customization options for end users.
  • The Data Distribution framework enables the use of PeopleSoft data for implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases, leveraging the Oracle Cloud Data Science service.
  • The investment in LCM core reporting, integration, and platform areas bringing small but impactful features.


The episode concludes by Rebekah taking you through “In The Know” update.




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Vaseem Khan

Principal Product Manager/Strategy

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