Getting the most from your PeopleSoft System - PeopleSoft NOW! Episode 4.2

November 17, 2023 | 2 minute read
Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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The latest PeopleSoft NOW! Episode is power-packed with useful tips and information to help you get the most out of your PeopleSoft investments. Rather than following an interview-styled format, this episode hosts PeopleSoft experts from various fields within and outside Oracle. This episode is for any PeopleSoft customer who wants practical tips and suggestions from PeopleSoft experts. By the end of this episode you should be able to get an understanding of the following: 

  1. What you should do to run your PeopleSoft systems effectively.
  2. Explore ways to run PeopleSoft in a more modern way.


 We have been getting very positive feedback from our community on what’s shared in this episode. To watch the full episode click the play button below



The whole episode can be divided into two sections. Let’s look at each of those sections and summarize what our experts have to say:

  1. What should every PeopleSoft customer do to run their PeopleSoft systems effectively in 2023?

This section highlights various ways through which a  PeopleSoft customer can run their PeopleSoft systems effectively, such as updating PeopleSoft systems on a regular cadence, and using recent tools like the new PUM Automated Updates feature (PAU). Other tips include using Fluid technology, moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and proactively engaging with Oracle Support. New capabilities like running 'Analyzers' is also discussed. YouTube videos and similar resources are also highlighted as valuable tools for customers to learn more about PeopleSoft.


  1. What’s the best way to avoid running PeopleSoft ‘the old way’?

According to the experts in this episode, there are broadly 2 things you can do to improve the way you use PeopleSoft. Firstly avoid customizations and secondly to modernize the user experience. Avoid unnecessary customizations with tools like Drop Zones, Event Mapping, and Page and Field Configurator. One of the most recent and powerful ways to improve the user experience is to deploy Global Search for both navigation and content search, thereby eliminating clicks through a menu structure, leading to increased efficiency and end-user engagement.


The episode closes with the “In the Know” update.

Vaseem Khan

Principal Product Manager/Strategy

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