PeopleSoft Inventory transactions can now support the addition and viewing of 'comments and attachments'

December 19, 2023 | 3 minute read
Narayanan Mahalingam
Principal product manager
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Some of our PeopleSoft customers have expressed the need to extend Comments and Attachment functionality to the Inventory product. We do agree that Inventory transactions may have important documents that need to be uploaded and need to  be available and follow along the transaction flow.

Comments & Attachments are a PeopleTools functionality that has been in  use by many application components and may be critical supporting documentation for any transaction or process. Many products in PeopleSoft suite have included this capability across multiple applications and across multiple transactions. In the past, we had not extended this functionality to the Inventory transactions.  Having heard the voice of the customers via the Idea Space,  we have started extending Comments and Attachments functionality into the PeopleSoft Inventory module.

One of the most widely used Inventory transaction probably is “Express issue” and as a result, we have extended this feature to both classic and Mobile Inventory express issue transactions as our first set of transactions providing comments and attachment capabilities. The comments and attachments are made available at the transaction Header and transaction Line level. The header level comments and attachments would provide the  capturing of data pertaining to the whole transaction, while line level comments and attachments would be more specific to the individual lines.

Express issue transaction
Figure 1: Express Issue page with Comments and Attachments link


Figure 2: Comments and Attachments page for entering comments and uploading the any type of file attachments


Figure 3: Comments and Attachments update page in Mobile Inventory


The comments entered/documents uploaded in the Express Issue transaction would not only be available for viewing after the transaction is saved but also viewable in the downstream transactions until the depletion process is completed. For example, if the user has configured the shipping and depletion to get kicked off immediately on saving the express issue transaction, the comments and attachments move along the downstream transactions shipping/issues transaction. However, these would now be available in view mode.

We have also provided the capability to allow entering new or additional comments and attachments during the Shipping Issues transaction. However, once the depletion process is executed, the comments & documents would then be available only in view mode.  It may be necessary for the users to see comments and attachments in various review pages such as the Review Fulfilment Status, Review Stock Status, Maintain Stock Requests, Maintain Shipping ID’s,  and the  Interunit Receiving pages.

To address the needs of the Idea Space voters and to acknowledge the support of our Focus Group customers, we have extended the Comments & Attachments functionality to the Express Issue transactionas a starting effort. We also have also heard your feedback that the  "Delivery transaction” is another important transaction where documents or a photo of the item left on an employee’s desk or office may provide a  “proof of delivery” if  attached to the delivery transaction in lieu of a signature or badge swipe. Stay tuned for further details on more places where we will add the comments and attachments capability.  

Please check the FSCM Planned Features and Enhancements Site on My Oracle Support to learn about upcoming product features here

Narayanan Mahalingam

Principal product manager

Narayanan has been with Oracle India since February 2007 and is currently part of the product management team of the PeopleSoft Supply chain  development organisation.  His earlier professional profile spans over customer support, enterprise application consulting & project management. An aspiring public speaker, rookie speech coach for kids; ...enjoys reading , writing , cricket, tennis, chess and now blogging. 

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