PeopleSoft Innovators Adopt Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Digital Assistant, New Products, and New Features

September 17, 2019 | 6 minute read
Rebekah Jackson
Vice President
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PeopleSoft customers continue to innovate at a faster pace than ever before.  At Oracle OpenWorld today, PeopleSoft announced the newest PeopleSoft Innovators.  These customers represent the real end user and business value that you can achieve with PeopleSoft, across many dimensions: using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Digital Assistant, implementing new products, deploying new features with Selective Adoption, eliminating invasive customizations, building test automation suites, and much more.

The September 2019 PeopleSoft Innovators:

  • The Catholic University of America, in conjunction with their partner Presence of IT, modernized their student experience by deploying delivered Fluid features, converting custom pages from Classic to Fluid, and enabling custom branding, resulting in a significant decrease in tickets logged by students and positive feedback from the helpdesk team.
  • Chaucer Underwriting Services, Ltd., in conjunction with their partner Astute Business Solutions, moved their existing PeopleSoft Financials system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to align with their cloud-first policy and to prepare for a strategic initiative to upgrade and modernize their PeopleSoft system with a Fluid user interface deployment, including approvals, expenses, and more.
  • Clackamas County, Oregon used Selective Adoption, the Data Migration Workbench, and Related Content to deploy PeopleSoft HCM Manager Self Service through the My Team tile, the new Announcement tile, and Workforce Insights, resulting in a more rapid rollout of new features, enthusiastic feedback from managers, and a more effective user experience.
  • Community Health Network, in conjunction with their partner MIPRO Consulting, implemented a repeatable Selective Adoption strategy that included adoption of the new lease accounting standards and Lease Administration, enabling their organization to get current at a frequency that meets their needs while monitoring update images for new features that will have a positive impact.
  • Covanta, in conjunction with their partners MIPRO Consulting and Cognizant Technology Solutions, transitioned to running their PeopleSoft applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, allowing them to be more responsive to PeopleSoft project needs, waste less time waiting for environments, and shut-down environments that are no longer needed, and most importantly, focus on their core mission of preserving natural resources and generating clean energy.
  • East Kentucky Power Cooperative enhanced productivity by updating their PeopleSoft update images and PeopleTools versions, including the deployment of the Fluid user interface including approvals, the Supplier Portal, HCM Guided Self Service, Person Profile, Candidate Gateway for Recruiting, Home Pages, Navigation Collections, Elasticsearch, Pivot Grids and analytics, and used Page and Field Configurator and Event Mapping to eliminate customizations.
  • Endeavour Foundation, in conjunction with their partner Presence of IT, moved all PeopleSoft production and non-production workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in just 16 weeks with minimal staff, resulting in 20% cost savings.
  • First Financial Northwest Bank, in conjunction with their partner SpearMC, completed a brand new implementation of PeopleSoft Financials and Asset Management in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 4 months, with a commitment to using the latest functional capabilities out of the box to avoid customization, recognizing immediate business process improvements and utilizing native capabilities for scalable computing, storage, and disaster recovery.
  • Gallaudet University, in conjunction with their partner Astute Business Solutions, moved PeopleSoft HCM, ERP and Campus Solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, while streamlining batch reporting performance, using Oracle Management Cloud for advanced systems and application monitoring, using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to simplify the lifecycle management of all PeopleSoft environments, and projecting a total savings of $.5M across all applications.
  • Hackensack Meridian Health made a strategic decision to implement PeopleSoft eProcurement, providing the Fluid requisitioning experience integrated with an Amazon MarketPlace punch out, providing a familiar, streamlined, modern buying experience that increased productivity while decreasing costs.  In addition, Hackensack Meridian Health, in conjunction with their partner SpearMC, deployed PeopleSoft Expenses, replacing a legacy solution with mobile, responsive Fluid capabilities for travel authorizations, expense reports, and approvals, with Twilio integration to easily text receipts into the wallet, and easy configuration with Event Mapping to accommodate unique processing requirements.
  • Honeywell, in conjunction with their partner IntraSee, used Oracle Digital Assistant to create conversational interfaces with PeopleSoft HCM for a wide range of capabilities, including Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, HR Support integrated with a third party provider, HR Policies for easy answers to common questions, and integration to Microsoft Teams, while reducing operating costs by automating common tasks.
  • King County, Washington implemented a Selective Adoption ‘Release Set strategy’ that establishes a customization inventory, identifies the cost of customization maintenance, and reduces that cost by retiring low value customizations, using tools like Event Mapping, and prioritizing the rollout of delivered functionality like Fluid Company Directory, Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, and Life Events; in addition to using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Lockton Companies, in conjunction with their partner Astute Business Solutions, automated functional regression testing for PeopleSoft HCM and ERP with PeopleSoft Test Framework, streamlining their test maintenance with PeopleSoft Update Manager, and reducing the time and effort for application updates and Tools upgrades by 70%.
  • Oceaneering, in conjunction with their partner MIPRO Consulting, implemented PeopleSoft’s Lease Administration solution for the new ASC 842 Accounting rules, improving automation and visibility into impacted accounting entries, right of use asset and operating lease account balances, and enabling compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements.
  • Orlando Health, in conjunction with their partner IntraSee, rapidly deployed a hybrid architecture (on-premise and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) solution to provide guided, processes for managers to complete critical PeopleSoft HCM position requests using the Fluid user interface, improving the user experience, automating manual processes, improving visibility, and saving time and money with lower support and training costs.
  • Port of Seattle, in conjunction with their partner SmartERP, deployed a comprehensive Fluid navigation paradigm, using Home Pages, Tiles, Navigation Collections to harmonize access across Fluid pages, Classic pages, and custom reports and interfaces, deploying Work Centers, the Financial Audit Framework, Elasticsearch, and using Page and Field Configurator to convert invasive customizations into configurations without impacting the end user experience.
  • Reed Smith, LLP, in conjunction with their partner Velocity Technology Solutions, deployed PeopleSoft HCM’s Fluid capabilities to HR administrators to process transactions on behalf of their attorneys, partners, and staff, along with other Fluid capabilities for recruiting, compensation, performance, and deploying Classic Plus to harmonize the user experience.
  • Southcoast Health, in conjunction with their partner Velocity Technology Solutions, moved all PeopleSoft HCM and ERP environments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2 months, addressing infrastructure gaps, improving security, performance, application efficiency, service levels and response times all combining to yield cost savings and improved agility.  In addition, Southcoast Health, in conjunction with their partner New York Technology Partners, deployed the Fluid user interface for managers and employees, retired customizations in favor of delivered functionality, eliminated manual processes and paper forms with Form Builder, converted customizations to configuration with Page and Field Configurator, used Event Mapping, and used PeopleSoft Test Framework to create automated tests for regression testing.
  • Southern Company, in conjunction with their partner IntraSee, used Oracle Digital Assistant to provide conversational interfaces integrated with PeopleSoft HCM for Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, and HR HelpDesk, in addition to addressing coming activities like executing and accessing HR reports, requesting schedules, inquiring about HR policies, and helping employees with commonly asked questions.
  • Susan G. Komen, in conjunction with their partners MIPRO Consulting and SmartERP, deployed PeopleSoft’s Fluid user interface for all corporate users and all users at their remote affiliates across the country, leveraging the intuitive experience with Home Pages, Navigation Collections, and Pivot Grids to resolve training and change management challenges they historically faced with a high volume of volunteer staff, in addition to rolling out new capabilities like Fluid Expenses.
  • University of California, Berkeley, in conjunction with their partner Gideon Taylor Consulting, extended student and faculty self-service in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions by building powerful, configuration-based Fluid forms, resulting in automated, workflow-enabled processes that have increased efficiency, eliminated errors, and eliminated more than 250,000 paper forms and more than 500,000 pieces of paper in less than two years.
  • University of the Free State migrated custom-developed capabilities in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to the Fluid user interface, allowing the university to provide a unified interface for students to interact with PeopleSoft, including the custom Admissions Self Service and Student Self Service capabilities provided as dynamic tiles on the Fluid Home Page.
  • White & Case LLP, in conjunction with their partner Cedar Consulting, deployed Guided Self Service and Fluid approvals with a customized approach to securing approvals before committing changes to Job, and used Page and Field Configurator to reduce the number of customizations previously made across 27 different components, enabling them to look at rapidly deploying new capabilities.

Please join me in congratulating the PeopleSoft Innovators! Shortly after the conference, these Innovators full stories will be available on

If you or a customer you know is transforming your organization with PeopleSoft, share that success with the community! Submit a nomination today.  The next announcement will be made at COLLABORATE 2020.

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Rebekah Jackson

Vice President

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