Five must-know facts that made PeopleSoft India SIG 2024, an experience that makes you come back for more…

February 19, 2024 | 6 minute read
Venkatesh Kotikalapudi
Senior Principal Product Manager - Product Strategy
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PeopleSoft India SIG is an in-person only annual event conducted by the Oracle PeopleSoft development organization. This 2-day event is an opportunity to see demonstrations of new product features, participate in workshops that allow users to experiment with new features and learn about the PeopleSoft roadmap. PeopleSoft India SIG includes pillar-specific breakout sessions with opportunities to meet with product experts and network with other customers and partners.

The PeopleSoft India SIG 2024 was held on February 8th and 9th 2024 at Oracle Technology Hub, Bangalore. This is an event for key strategic customers and partners in various industry segments who are users of our PeopleSoft HCM, FMS, SRM, ESA/ALM and PeopleTools products.

This year, the conference was sponsored by 1218 Global, Kovaion, mcAMDOIS and WorkWall.

Here are the top five unique facts that we believe made this event a memorable one for customers and partners:

  1. Expanded outreach with more PeopleSoft partners, customers and sponsors:

Through PeopleSoft India SIG 2024, we witnessed greater outreach and a rise in participation from the PeopleSoft Community in this region compared to the previous years. We had participation from 36 organizations.

SIG 2024

  1. Re-emphasized Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft:

Day 1 started with a keynote by Srilakshmi Ramachandra (Senior Director, PeopleSoft Product Management and Strategy) by confirming Oracle’s commitment to supporting PeopleSoft for rolling 10 years. Customers were updated on what’s new in PeopleTools, HCM, ELM, HR Helpdesk, and FSCM and roadmap for these areas. The keynote session also focused on different ways customers can collaborate with PeopleSoft and the various ways through which we recognize our customers.


Note: You can watch the full video here where Paco Abrejuan talks about PeopleSoft’s Investment Strategy.


  1. Recognition with PeopleSoft Innovators Awards:

During Day 1 of PeopleSoft India SIG, a total of 4 customers were recognized with awards as part of the PeopleSoft Innovator Awards program.



PeopleSoft Innovator Awards:

  • Artech (the largest women-owned staffing company in the U.S.) was awarded as a PeopleSoft Innovator for improving user experience, deploying search, and replacing existing customizations with delivered functionality during their last upgrade.
  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (a leading private Business School in India) was awarded as a PeopleSoft Innovator for moving to OCI, using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and using many PeopleSoft analytics features like Pivot Grids, Simplified Analytics and PeopleSoft Insights.

PeopleSoft Expansion Innovator Awards:

  • Jubilant Life Sciences was recognized as a PeopleSoft Expansion Innovator for implementing Succession Planning.
  • Blue Dart was recognized as a PeopleSoft Expansion Innovator for expanding PeopleSoft usage to their new subsidiary.

Note: Since Jubilant and Blue Dart couldn’t join the event, their partners Kovaion and 1218 accepted the award on their behalf.


  1. Curated education to make audience ready for the Future:
  • On Day 1, Deepankar Narayanan (VP, of PeopleSoft PeopleTools Development) provided an in-depth update on what’s latest in PeopleTools technology and shared PeopleTools roadmap.
  • A panel discussion moderated by Kovaion (sponsor of PeopleSoft India SIG 2024) with Artech Technologies, Karnataka Bank and Karur Vysya Bank helped customers learn how configuration over customization helped them.
  • Thereafter, a panel discussion moderated by 1218 Global (sponsor of PeopleSoft India SIG 2024) with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon focused on how running PeopleSoft on OCI helped the institute achieve business benefits.



  • Day 2 started with a PeopleSoft quiz by Graham Smith of Version 1 which brought-out the PeopleSoft champion in all participants.
  • A curated session on OCI by Arvind Rajan (Astute Technologies LLC) provided an in-depth understanding of OCI, what the benefits are for PeopleSoft customers and shared real scenarios and success stories of how Astute has helped PeopleSoft customers run on OCI.
  • Dexian (formerly known as Disys), leveraged the flexibility of PeopleSoft to extend their application to create bespoke integration for the PeopleSoft Onboarding module with one of the eSignature products available in market to meet their business needs. 






  1. Nine hands-on workshop activities:

Hands-on workshop activities continue to be the unique highlight of PeopleSoft India SIG. This year as well, the participants felt the hands-on workshop activities were very useful and most of them completed all activities. Participants tried nine hands-on workshop activities designed to help learn the latest PeopleTools, PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM enhancements and what thrilled us more, is that the attendees requested for more such activities.



A BIG shout out to the growing PeopleSoft India SIG community!

If you want to get connected with us or know more about the event and want to participate in PeopleSoft India SIG next time, write to


Venkatesh Kotikalapudi

Senior Principal Product Manager - Product Strategy

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