Changes to the PeopleSoft’s Application Image Delivery schedule beginning 2023 (an Important Update)

August 23, 2022 | 2 minute read
Robbin Velayedam
Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy
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Beginning January 1, 2023, the PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, and Campus Solutions applications teams will adopt a delivery schedule of 3 Images per year instead of 4.

Recent surveys and discussions with our customers have revealed that PeopleSoft customers adopt newly delivered features about once or twice every 12 – 15 months.  Customers have also indicated that the pace of new Image updates 4 times per year presents a challenge to keep up with.

This new delivery schedule will allow customers more time between releases to comfortably identify, evaluate, and test newly delivered features to selectively adopt into their production environments.  Customers also will experience a reduced amount of setup time overall with the PeopleSoft Update Manager.

One less 'Image’ per year also means less internal release packaging overhead for our development teams, which will translate into more development time devoted to delivering exciting new features for customers. This schedule change will not cause disruptions or a reduction in the new features we plan to deliver based on our roadmaps for each application area.

Since there will be a little more time between each Image release, customers may see a marginal increase in PeopleSoft Release Patches (PRPs).  We use PRPs in situations where customers need a particular feature urgently and cannot wait for the next regularly scheduled Image release.  Customers should note that managing PRPs are made easier today with the PUM Automated Updates feature that leverages automated jobs to keep your Image up-to-date with the latest PRPs.  You can find out more about this process here.

If you have a My Oracle Support (MOS) account, you will find the new 2023 Image schedule soon posted on the PeopleSoft Information Portal under the Resources > Planning Tools link from the top of the page.

The delivery schedules for PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), PeopleSoft CRM HR Help Desk, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and PeopleTools are not impacted by this announcement.

For PeopleSoft Payroll for North America (PNA) customers, note that PNA Tax updates will continue to be included with the PeopleSoft HCM Images except for the end of the year tax update for which Oracle will deliver using a PRP.  There will be tax updates A through D (there will no longer be tax update E), where A through C are delivered via HCM images and D is released as a PRP.  If we encounter a scenario where a regulatory or legislative tax update takes effect in between regularly scheduled tax updates, Oracle will use the PRP process to deliver them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to


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Robbin Velayedam

Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy

Robbin has spent the majority of his professional career designing, developing, and championing HR, Talent Management, CRM, and Workforce applications to customers of all sizes and industries.  He began his journey with PeopleSoft in 1998 and has been involved with Oracle PeopleSoft applications either as a customer or in Product Management.  He has worked in a variety of functional areas with product development such as Approvals, Analytics, Self Service, Mobile/Fluid, and Shared Components.  As a Director of Product Management and Strategy, he currently serves as a conduit between customers and the development organization to ensure user expectations are met with new functionality.  Robbin’s partnership with the PeopleSoft user community has been a part of his team's overall responsibility of maintaining strong engagement with all PeopleSoft customers.  Over the years, Robbin has been a frequent speaker at user conferences and hosts webinars focused on helping customers maximize their current investment in PeopleSoft.

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