PeopleSoft HCM Image 48 Highlights

January 24, 2024 | 6 minute read
Jeremy Pelley
Product Strategy Director
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Oracle’s continued commitment to invest and enhance the PeopleSoft HCM product Image 48 has some great features that your organization can uptake to enhance the employee, manager, and administrative experiences of your PeopleSoft users.  Here is a few of the great things that HCM Image 48 has to offer.


Employee Recognition – NEW FEATURE


Employee Recognition is a brand-new feature that will allow employees and managers to recognize the accomplishments and hard work of their fellow teammates and peers throughout the organization.  The recognition feature also allows for employees to view other employees’ recognitions and comment or like those recognitions.  This feature allows for teams that are often geographically separated the opportunity to encourage and recognize the work of fellow team members.


The recognition feature integrates with PeopleSoft Fluid Performance Management.  This integration allows for managers and employees to view recognitions that have be given to the employee during the time period of the review.  Managers and employees can then reference those recognitions during the manager or employee evaluation. 




Position Management Insights – NEW FEATURE


In continuing with the ongoing investment in insights and analytics we have delivered a new dashboard for Position Management Insights.  The new insights dashboard will give a number of charts and graphs that will allow for administrator’s greater visibility into managing the positions within the organization.  Being able to view open positions and over-allocated positions at a glance and being able to use delivered filters to narrow down the organization and see positions that may need attention.



Recruiting Solutions


Manage Job Openings is a very important page for Recruiters and Hiring Managers as they review and move applicants through the hiring process. We have added seven new columns to the grid, including highly requested dates and time stamps, Former Employee, Veteran Indicator, Employee Referral, and Reference links. Customers also have the ability to hide and modify the labels using Page and Field Configurator and Event Mapping. The Recruiting Phase funnel has a new configuration setting and confirmation message validation can be suppressed for the Review and Reject actions as well.


Remote Worker


As more employers move to hybrid forms of remote working, employees have the need to change their remote working request more frequently. With Image 48, the employee and the manager can add a new remote work request even if the current end date has not been reached. Warning messages on the request and information on the approval process informs the employee and the manager that the current end date will be changed upon approval. Benefits


Section 109 of the SECURE 2.0 Act, provides the ability for employees that are 60 to 63 years old, to contribute at a “super” catch-up rate beginning in 2025. To assist you in meeting this condition, we have enhanced the Limit Table, the Savings Age Catch Up Extension process, and the Benefits Savings Management page. MOSC Document 35345717 is available for your review.