HCM Image 45 is now available!  Here are some of the top features to take note of!

January 31, 2023 | 5 minute read
Jeremy Pelley
Product Strategy Director
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PeopleSoft Image 45 brings some long-awaited features to HCM.  From Performance Management to Time and Labor and Remote Worker Image 45 enables employees, managers, and administrators to do more than ever before.  Below is just a sampling of what you can look for.


Human Resources

Fluid Header

With Image 45, we delivered the ability to add additional fields, like employee pronouns and remoter worker status, to the Fluid Mouseover in Self-Service.  The Fluid Header Mouseover enables the manager to quickly see additional employee information by pausing (mousing over) on a person's name or ID.

We also provide you with the flexibility to configure this mouse over popup page in a way that is useful to you or other groups within your organization. You may want to set up a popup page that includes employee information such as their picture, job title, department, supervisor's name, and work location and set the order you want the fields displayed.   For additional information on how to configure the Fluid Header Mouseover for self-service review PeopleBooks - Setting Up Mouse Over Popups.



Performance Management

Fluid Performance Document

In Image 45 PeopleSoft Performance Management (ePerformance) has been completely redesigned to give it a modern look and feel while enabling key new features that have been requested by customers over the last several years.  Now more than ever it is important to have timely oral and documented conversations with employees throughout the year.  PeopleSoft Performance Management now gives you the ability to not only make comments during the checkpoint steps, but to also monitor progress and rate items that are tracked during the year.  With the new star-based rating system employees and managers can easily see where they are in the progression of their competencies and goals.  Better visibility throughout the year with new shareable documents allows for managers and employees to make updates and share those updates in real time. 


Absence Management

Manage Absence Self-Service Page

 A new way of viewing and submitting absence requests is now available through the updated Manage Absences tile on your homepage.  Recently requested absences can be viewed using the absence cards as well as a new absence request can be made directly from the page.  Related information can be used to show absence balances as well as the holiday calendar.




Time and Labor

Fluid Timesheet Enhancements


PeopleSoft Time and Labor has made enhancements based on feedback from the Ideas Lab to the Enter Time page.  The following are a few of the changes:

  • The time selection information has been moved to the left to provide more open space in the header and to be consistent with other pages. 
  • A View By field has been added to allow users to select whether to view the timesheet by week or by period. 
  • The add and delete row buttons have been moved to the left side of the days
  • The leftmost columns have been frozen so that they stay in place when the user scrolls right.



Assist in Preventing Duplicate Dependents


When adding or updating dependent information the system can now warn you of potential duplicates based on the entry of the dependents national ID.  If the Employee adds or updates a Dependent with the same National ID as the Employee or one of the Employee’s other Dependents then a hard error message is presented and the Employee cannot save the Dependent data.  If there are other Employees or Dependents in the system with the same National ID, then a warning message is created and the employee is directed to contact the Benefits Administrator.


Payroll for North America

BI Publisher

Payroll now allows for bulk printing for 1099-R and 1042-S



Remote Worker

Insights and Visualizations

A new visualization to view vaccination information has been added to the existing Administrator Remote Worker Insight. for This dashboard can be used by administrators to view all types of vaccinations that are tracked in PeopleSoft Health and Safety and tie that information out to the remote worker information also stored in PeopleSoft.