Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image #45 release and the list of features that stand out.

September 7, 2022 | 4 minute read
Tadipatri Sudarsan
Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager
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PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image #45 has been generally available since 5 Sept 2022, and it contains many important new functional enhancements.

Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.

If you haven’t heard what has been released as part of Update Image #45 here are some highlights:

Functionality Across Applications

Real Time Indexing Switch

Real Time Indexing Switch is added in PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 45.

Real Time Indexing Switch allows you to temporarily turn off real time indexing (RTI) before initializing high volume batch programs. This is useful when large volume batch updates are run and the number of entries are added to the RTI staging tables, resulting in a decrease in processing speed.

RTI switch is configured on the Configure Real Time Indexing page by selecting the Configure Batch check box for a specific index. It is important to fully understand this process because batch processing must be specifically coded to reference the RTI Switch.

For additional information about RTI Switch, see  My Oracle Support (MOS) document 2205540.2.  

Chatbot WebSDK Uptake

In PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 45, the Chatbot Integration Framework with the Oracle Web Software Development Kit, which enables you to support Android WebView is delivered.


Billing Outbound Invoice Process

Enhanced the Billing Outbound Invoice process by adding the UBL 3.1 Electronic Invoicing Framework.

Establish From Email Address

Enhanced the email that is generated when an invoice is sent to include a from email address. This configured email address can be used instead of the system email address. This can be configured by business unit or bill type on the Billing Definition – Business Unit 4 page or the Bill Type 2 page.


Display Personal Time to Time Sheet Approvers

The Pending Approval, Time Report and Time Adjustments pages to display a new grid has been enhanced. This grid lists the detail hours for personal, policy, and project hours, which are entered by an employee on the Time Entry page. This feature allows approvers to see more information when approving time reports and time adjustments.

New CONUS Data Field

Added the Local Incidental Expenses (LIE) field as an expense type and Benchmark expense type to accommodate the new structure of the CONUS file. The CONUS file load process includes LIE.

Display Denied Lines when Approving Travel Authorizations

Enhanced the Pending Approvals – Travel Authorization page to display when a line is denied and when an expense type is prepaid. This allows approvers to view more information when approving a travel authorization

Modify Dates during Expense Report Close Process

Enhanced the Expense Report Close process (EX_CLOSE) to allow administrators to change the budget date and accounting date of the original expense report with the reversal date. This allows you to change the budget date if the prior budget period is closed and account for the budget reversal in the current period. This bypasses the need to reopen the closed budget period.

General Ledger

Display Analysis Type to Approvers

The Pending Approvals – Journal Entry page to display the Analysis Type for a line has been enhanced.

Display Journal Source on Spreadsheet Lines

The Journal Upload spreadsheet to display the journal source on the lines sheet has been enhanced.


Select Multiple Attachments to Load

Enhanced PeopleSoft Payables functionality to allow one or more attachments to be selected and uploaded at one time. PeopleTools 8.59 or higher is required for this feature.


Exclude Contracts from Statements

Added the Hold Statements page, which enables you to exclude the Statement document for correspondence customers that include invoices referring to specific contracts.

Post All Business Units

Enhanced the Receivables Update process with an option to collectively process all business units that have transactions to post.

Aging Analysis

Added two new Kibana dashboards to the Receivables. Use the Collector Dashboard to view aging and history activities of the customers. Use the Collections Manager Dashboard to view aging and history activities across Receivables.

Maintenance Management

Rolling Date Parameters for Open Work Orders

Enhanced the Open Work Order Tasks by Date and Open Work Order Tasks by Priority pivot grids to include rolling date parameters. From the My Preferences Open Work Orders page, the default date range for the pivot grids is defined as the number of days prior to and after the current system date.

Project Costing

Automate Project Lists

Enhanced the My Projects Automation feature to include an option for All Projects.

Update Project Template Status en masse

Enhanced the Project Update Wizard to update Project Template Status en masse.

Configure Project and Activity User Field Labels

Added the ability to set the labels for the Project and Activity User fields.

Strategic sourcing/Purchasing/ePro

Manage Receipts and Returns

Added three new tiles to the eProcurement Fluid home page. Use the Create Receipt tile to create new receipts. Use the My Receipts tile to view and edit receipts and initiate supplier returns. Use the My Returns to view and edit returns.

Multiple Attachments Capability

Enhanced PeopleSoft Supplier Lifecycle Management functionality to allow one or more attachments to be selected and uploaded at one time. PeopleTools 8.59 or higher is required for this feature.

You can also watch the PUM Image highlights video below:

PUM Image#45

Tadipatri Sudarsan

Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager

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