PeopleSoft's Fluid Bid Response now includes RFI, Group, and Buy/Sell Auction capabilities

March 26, 2024 | 3 minute read
Bob Block
Product Management Director
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PeopleSoft's Strategic Sourcing team heard the feedback from our users and redesigned the Bidder and Supplier responses to Bid Events in FSCM Update Image 44.  In FSCM Update Image 50 we added more functionality, such as the ability to Buy and Sell through Auctions, Request for Information (RFI), and provide Line Group capabilities.  The Bid Response has been redesigned with several key features to improve the user experience. Bidders and Suppliers can now enjoy a simple and intuitive user interface, along with a Train Stop Activity Guide that provides visibility to required and remaining steps in the response document. Additionally, there are filtering options that allow users to include or exclude specific data, as well as enhanced error handling that not only identifies errors but also provides access to resolve these issues directly from where the error is encountered, removing the need to backtrack to the right place. Lastly, users can access a bid summary and receive a confirmation of submission.


Bidders can now respond to any type of Event Format using the same user interface. There are two steps for RFI Events: General Information and Review and Submit. The first step, General Information displays questions that bidders need to answer. Required responses are marked with an asterisk. The final step is Review and Submit, where users can easily identify and resolve errors before submitting their responses.


Buy and Sell Auctions follow the same three-step process as traditional events: General Information, Line Bid, and Review and Submit. The bidder needs to provide a line-item price that surpasses the previous bidder's price. Users have the option to set a maximum bid, and the system will bid on their behalf up to that amount, which is known as proxy bidding.

During event creation, organizations have the option to group lines to get a better price through a bundled quote. Events that include Line Groups have an additional step, which includes General Information, Line Bid (for individual line quantity and price), Line Group Bid (for bundled quantity and price), and finally, Review and Submit. When bidding, bidders must enter both Line Bid Quantity and Price but are not required to enter a Line Group Bid. Bidders can choose to not bid on a line by clicking "No Bid". In Step 2 of the bidding process, bidders must provide the quantity and price for each line item, which is then displayed in the Group Bid Details section in Step 3. In the Group Members section, bidders can change the prices of individual line items, which will be reflected in the Group.

FBR Screenshot
Figure 1 - Line Group Bid


With the latest FSCM Update Image 50 update, suppliers and bidders can now easily submit their responses to all event formats and types through a highly intuitive and user-friendly Fluid interface. With this new feature, your team no longer needs to provide constant guidance or support to ensure that all event responses are submitted accurately and efficiently. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that all responses are submitted in a timely and organized fashion.

Bob Block

Product Management Director

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