We have added 2 more fields to help Peoplesoft Requestors to search their eProcurement requisition faster.

December 13, 2023 | 1 minute read
Anup Maduskar
Principal Product Manager
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Currently, in Fluid eProcurement, it sometimes may be challenging to find the requisitions based on Supplier ID and Supplier Name. It may be a common practice for requesters to requisition items from a familiar supplier. Remembering the Supplier name is easier for the user than the requisition ID or requisition name.

In Peoplesoft Update Image 49 we have introduced the Supplier ID and Supplier name in the filters page of the “My Requisitions” page. Requesters can now search by the Supplier ID and/or Supplier Name which would help them to quickly find their requisitions.

Supplier ID or Supplier Name in Filter

These fields are also visible on the requisition details page.

Supplier ID Or Supplier Name on Requisition Details page

If a requestor needs to find items that were requisitioned within a certain timeframe from a specific Supplier, this  feature will help to narrow down the search and retrieve all  requisitions by Supplier ID/Supplier Name.  

Anup Maduskar

Principal Product Manager

Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

He works from the Bangalore office and has been with Oracle for over 15 years

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