PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10 PRP – Update your Cloud Manager using the Self Update

March 6, 2020 | 4 minute read
Rajesh Muthukrishnan
Product Manager
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On PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 10, you must apply the latest PRP in order to provision PeopleSoft environments from PeopleSoft Update Images that are built on PeopleTools 8.58. For example, the FSCM 9.2.035 image is based on PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.58.02. Before you provision an environment from this image, apply the latest patches on Cloud Manager using the Self Update feature.

This blog post aims to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to apply PRP on Cloud Manager and stay current using Self Update.


  1. Make sure you have selected the PUM Fulltier topology and added valid shapes to it. This is not a new step for existing Cloud Manager users, but new users need to make sure that the steps are completed.
  2. Verify that you do not have any running jobs like Provisioning or PeopleTools update before you start the Cloud Manager Self Update process.

Applying PRP to Cloud Manager:

Step1: Login to your Cloud Manager instance with Admin access.

Step 2: Click the Repository tile and subscribe to the IH_91_LINUX channel from the Download Subscriptions menu.

                                                              Fig 1

After a while, all the updates are downloaded as shown below:

                                                             Fig 2

Step 3: When the downloads are complete, select My Downloads from the left menu to verify that the PRP (UPD-CDM: TOOLS UPDATE/UPGRADE FAILING FOR PROVISIONED ENVIRONMENTS) is downloaded.

You can easily filter them to list only the IH Downloads. Click the filter icon on the top left in the My Downloads page, select IH from the Product dropdown and click Done.

You will be able to see that the required PRP is downloaded


                                                                                      Fig 3

On the row of the PRP, click the right arrow to see the details.

                                                                  Fig 4


Step 4:  On the Cloud Manager home page, click the Cloud Manager Settings tile and select the Manage Updates from the menu.

Fig 5


This screen informs you that there are new updates available for CM10. The PRP is part of this update package. You can click on the Package Details to know more about the new fixes.

Step 5: Edit the Environment Attributes by filling in all the values appropriately and save.

Step 6: Click Apply in the Manage Update page and click ‘Yes.’