PUM Automated Updates – A new friend of Change Assistant

November 30, 2022 | 4 minute read
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 Prior to PeopleTools 8.59, customers needed to keep track of PRPs published in My Oracle Support (MOS), download, and apply them using change assistant, in order to keep their PUM images current. This manual process certainly demanded time and effort to keep the PUM source current. To make this easier, a new feature is introduced from PeopleTools 8.59 onwards which is called PUM Automated Updates (PAU... pronounced POW). More info available in this in a previous blog.  

In this blog, let us focus on some of the interesting capabilities of PAU that bring Change Assistant features into the PIA world. Let us take the example of PAU automatically applying PRPs as an example. The blog assumes that a job, like the one shown in the image below, has been defined to download and apply PRPs to keep the PUM source always up-to-date. 

When the Download PRP task starts running, it begins to download any available PRPs from MOS. Until all available PRPs are downloaded, the Apply PRP task will be in QUEUED status. After the Download PRP task completes, the next queued task begins to run, which is the Apply PRP task in this example.  

After the apply PRP task completes, click on the View Logs (blue file) icon to review the status and logs. When the View Logs icon is clicked, it brings up a pop-up, as shown below with a summary message that says the PRP apply was executed successfully and also provides a list of logs that will be useful to review. The entire Change Assistant logs are made available for the PRP apply which can be downloaded and reviewed.  

Now, what if Apply PRP task does not complete with a success message? How to troubleshoot if there are any failures or warnings during this automated step? The answer is in the logs again! 

Let’s take an example of an Apply PRP task that was completed with a warning. When you click to view logs, the summary shows that the PRP apply completed with warnings. Download the Change Assistant logs (softwareupdatePRJ34798799*.zip file) and review the logs that you would normally review when using Change Assistant directly. 

It gets more interesting to see the job template for Apply PRP task. Click on the View Template icon to open the Job Template Detail pop-up. This template is the same as the apply job steps that you would see when you run the job using Change Assistant.  

To view the job template, click on the View Job Template icon. The job template shows all the steps and status of each step. This is very useful to troubleshoot when there are errors during apply job and decide further action. 


In the template shown above, you can see that the PRP apply completed with Warnings. At this point, you can review all the relevant Change Assistant log files and determine the future course of action, such as, mark the step that completed with warnings as reviewed and resume the apply process. To do so, navigate back to the Job Details page, and click on Resume button. This brings up below pop-up for you to choose how to proceed.