Oracle Extends Support for PeopleSoft to 2032

April 26, 2021 | 2 minute read
Rebekah Jackson
Vice President
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PeopleSoft support 2034

Oracle continues it's commitment to support PeopleSoft for a rolling 10 years, announcing the extension of support to 2032. This ensures PeopleSoft customers continue to have more than a decade of updates to the platform.

  • The Lifetime Support Policy datasheet for Applications has been updated, and now shows all PeopleSoft continuous delivery releases are supported through at least 2032.
  • Oracle remains committed to a rolling 10 years of support for PeopleSoft.  As we have done for the last several years, and we will review and plan to extend support again next year, and the year after that, so that you have a decade of committed support and can plan your enterprise software investments accordingly.  We will continue to do so until Oracle’s strategy and support for PeopleSoft changes.

As always, we continue to deliver a lot more than bug fixes. PeopleTools 8.59 was just released this month and work on PeopleTools 8.60 has started. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 12 delivers remarkable new capabilities for PeopleSoft operations and lifecycle management. New application releases are delivered nearly every month with powerful new capabilities including Kibana analytics, the brand new PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle - or PICASO, and new functional capabilities like Order Sheets for procurement or self-service for Health & Safety. And those are just a few examples...customers can see the full product roadmap anytime at (login required).

Hear everything we are doing in the applications, the latest capabilities in PeopleTools, the newest ways to save costs and increase automation in running your environments, and much more at RECONNECT Envision - taking place right now! Join the PeopleSoft product strategy and development team, many customers, and our most knowledgeable partners at the most important PeopleSoft conference of the year.

Find all things PeopleSoft at | See Oracle’s commitment to Applications Unlimited – including PeopleSoft – see the Oracle Applications Unlimited page.

Rebekah Jackson

Vice President

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