PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud: Takeaways from Oracle CloudWorld 2023

November 14, 2023 | 5 minute read
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Jordyn Fugere-BurmeisterThis blog post has been guest authored by Jordyn Fugere-Burmeister, Marketing Manager at  Elire Inc.


Oracle hosted the annual  CloudWorld conference in Las Vegas, NV September 18-21, 2023 for four days filled with solution keynotes, partner conversations, networking, and application learning. While the conference was predominantly focused on all things Cloud, including Oracle’s investment in Generative AI and related solutions, continued interest in PeopleSoft, and other on-premise based applications was still lively.

Elire at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Overall, we found PeopleSoft attendees were focused on three main conversations:

  1. Engagement with Product Management and PeopleSoft Partners
  2. PeopleSoft Optimization including decustomization
  3. PeopleSoft to Cloud Migration Planning


What was available to PeopleSoft customers at CloudWorld?

Aside from connecting with industry peers, PeopleSoft users were able to connect with members from the PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud product teams in the Customer Success Circuit, as well as at events and sessions in the Exhibit Hub.

35 On-Premise Application Sessions were available including a virtual session on migrating PeopleSoft HCM to Oracle Cloud HCM by PeopleSoft HCM Product Lead Robbin Velayedam. While a smaller footprint than other national events, PeopleSoft Partners were exhibiting in the hub as well, including demoing PeopleSoft Accelerators, Integrated Applications, Managed Services capabilities, and more.


Conversations with PeopleSoft customers

The PeopleSoft to Cloud conversation was the primary topic of discussion, as many PeopleSoft attendees wanted to gain more knowledge on the continued development of the Oracle Cloud products, availability of features compared to their PeopleSoft system, and an understanding of the roadmap for their PeopleSoft investment. While Oracle continues the rolling 10-year commitment to Premier Support for the PeopleSoft applications, having a roadmap in place for how your organization is going to eventually migrate to a Cloud Application is becoming more essential.

Meanwhile, both Oracle and Oracle Partners support the continued optimization of your PeopleSoft application in order to better prepare your organization for a future Cloud migration. This includes optimization initiatives such as decustomizing PeopleSoft by reviewing and evaluating the business value for customizations, leveraging configuration-based customization options such as Page and Field Configurator, and evaluating delivered functionality that may completely replace existing customizations.

Optimization can also include leveraging a more efficient PUM application and testing strategy to prepare for the release cycle speed of Cloud Applications. It may mean comparing capabilities that are available in both PeopleSoft and the cloud, like expanded analytics, or considering PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure migrations, or adding on new options like Oracle Guided Learning.


PeopleSoft and the Cloud – Some considerations

A common question asked was, “Why invest in PeopleSoft when we are looking at a move to cloud in a few years?” The answer is simple, and it all leads back to the value delivered both short-term while still on PeopleSoft and long-term when making the transition to the cloud. In the short term, working on an outdated PeopleSoft, or simply “staying put” and not adopting new features is not taking advantage of the immense development and capabilities of your PeopleSoft Applications, and therefore you’re not getting the most value out of your PeopleSoft application investment.  In a time where users are being asked to do more with less, investing in PeopleSoft features that reduce maintenance, increase automation, and increase visibility allows organizations to make more informed data-driven decisions, today.

In the long term, investments you make in your PeopleSoft application to decustomize helps ensure your application is better aligned with standardized best practices and simplifies a future cloud migration. This shift also enables organizations to leverage fluid capabilities that better align with a modernized user interface in preparation for a tactical or holistic shift to cloud applications. Importantly, it also prepares your end users and system staff for taking change on a continual basis, which readies everyone for the future.

Organizations that are heavily burdened with customizations, have an inflexible user base, or have been working on an outdated version of PeopleSoft are going to have a harder time with all aspects of the cloud, including data migration, business process transformation, change management, cloud system design, and more. The transformation to Cloud is truly that – a transformation. It is modernizing your business and your application to support the continued growth and evolution of your organization – and that takes time and a commitment to continued optimization.


What’s Next?

Wherever your organization is on your PeopleSoft journey or path to Cloud transformation, there are a few steps you can take to further educate your team and make a plan for the future.

  • Leverage conference and networking opportunities – both in person and digital – to consume Cloud and PeopleSoft content and understand the latest application capabilities
  • Evaluate potential “wish list” or pain point items with your stakeholders and look for opportunities where a Cloud application might bridge the gap
  • Engage with Oracle and an implementation partner early to assist with your short and long-term application planning, including ensuring your current PeopleSoft initiatives support your long-term transformational goals
  • Conduct or have a Partner help you with a Cloud Readiness Assessment to gauge your organizational readiness and areas that need additional support
  • Keep your application up to date and evaluate opportunities to get more value from PeopleSoft


Opportunities to continue the Conversation

The conversations started at Oracle CloudWorld don’t have to end! There are a multitude of opportunities for the PeopleSoft Community to continue to thrive and engage with Peers, Product Management, and Partners. Resources available include:



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