Now Available: Rebuilt October PeopleTools 8.58 Infrastructure Deployment Package (IDPK)

November 4, 2020 | 3 minute read
Mark Hoernemann
Platform Strategy Director
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One of the best new features of PeopleTools 8.58 has been the release of the PeopleTools Infrastructure DPKs (IDPKs).  Each time Oracle releases a CPU patch, PeopleTools takes the fixes for infrastructure components it uses and packages them in the latest PeopleTools IDPK.  The IDPK is typically released 10-14 days after the PeopleTools CPU patch.  The IDPK is copied into the PeopleTools CPU patch directory and overlays the outdated components.  Now, when the patch is installed in a new environment, the latest PeopleTools AND Infrastructure changes are used.

The major components included in the PeopleTools IDPK are:

  • WebLogic
  • Tuxedo
  • JDK
  • JRE
  • Oracle Client

Customers have long requested that PeopleTools patches include the most current CPU components, instead of having them 3 months (or more) out of date.  This request was a top 5 request on Ideaspaces.  The challenge we had always faced is that CPU fixes for PeopleTools, WebLogic, Tuxedo, etc, are all released at the same time.  We had no way to take the component fixes being released and incorporate them into our PeopleTools development cycle and get them tested.  Well, we’re much closer now. 


PeopleTools IDPK Rebuilt with a New, Critical WebLogic Patch

The PeopleTools 8.58 IDPK for October 2020 has been rebuilt due to a late-breaking, critical update for WebLogic - cve-2020-14750.  The IDPK has been refreshed on MOS and can be found HERE.  To search for the latest IDPK on MOS, click on the Patches & Updates tab.  Select “Product or Family (Advanced)” and specify:

Product:  PeopleSoft Enterprise PT PeopleTools

Release:  PeopleTools 8.58

IDPKs found on MOS Patches and Updates Advanced tab using product PeopleTools and release 8.58


How do I know if I have the Refreshed IDPK?

In order to determine which IDPK you have, check the naming on the zip file you downloaded.  The format for the name is:

IDPK zip file naming convention

The original IPDK for October was dated Oct 30, 2020.  The refresh is now dated Nov, 2. 2020.  So, you will see one of the following names for the zip file you downloaded:

Identifying the updated IDPK 

If you have used the old (or original) IDPK already, you may simply obtain the single, additional WebLogic fix that is documented in cve-2020-14750 and apply it manually as you would have in other PeopleTools releases.  If you have not yet applied the patch, download the newly updated IDPK, and proceed as normal.

If you are curious which patches an IDPK are compatible with, check the manifest supplied in the zip file.  There you will find the component releases contained as well as the minimum PeopleTools release required for the IDPK:

IDPK zip file manifest contents


Additional Information:

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Blog Post:  Up-to-date Critical Patch Updates for PeopleTools: You Asked, Oracle Delivered

Mark Hoernemann

Platform Strategy Director

Mark joined PeopleSoft in 1997 in the PeopleTools development group, and has held various development and management positions.  For the past 13 years he has been a member of the PeopleTools Strategy team, and is currently Oracle's Platform Strategy Director.

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